Jababeka – Contributing to the development of Indonesia

S.D. Darmono, Chairman and Founder of Jababeka, Indonesia’s leading industry-based township developer has a vision for the future of Indonesia’s development. The company is creating one hundred modern self-sustained cities in every province across Indonesia. Together with local governments, strategic partners and likeminded multinationals, Jababeka would like to unlock the potential of Indonesia by Creating New Cities for Growth.

The blueprint for this ambitious plan is Jababeka’s flagship development – Kota Jababeka – a matured and independent city just east of Jakarta, which is home to more than 1 million people and about 2,000 companies from over 30 countries.

Kota Jababeka was built from scratch in just 25 years with manufacturing as the key driver for growth and the multiplier effect creating new businesses and opportunities that have turned a mere industrial park into the bustling city that it is today. Jababeka is today replicating this successful model throughout Indonesia.

Jababeka’s partnership with Sembcorp Development of Singapore was established recently and the resulting joint venture lead to the establishment of the Kendal Industrial Park (KIP). Located twenty one kilometers west of Semarang, the capital of Central Java, this 2,700 hectare integrated industrial park is currently under development and is attracting international attention. As an industrial park which meets international standards, KIP is a mixed-use development that includes industrial as well as residential and commercial areas.

Offering a young and skilled labor force with management graduates from local universities and vocational institutes and competitive labor costs, KIP is an ideal location for both Indonesian and foreign manufacturing and tech companies.

In line with Jababeka’s philosophy of creating fully integrated townships, KIP offers world-class infrastructure and supporting amenities, well-equipped plots and ready-built factories, reliable electricity, water and waste-water treatment facilities, executive housing and well-managed employee dormitories.

In addition, the Company is also developing an integrated resort-township in Tanjung Lesung that caters to the tourism, leisure and hospitality industries. Tanjung Lesung, which lies approximately 170 kilometers southwest of Jakarta, enjoys Special Economic Zone status and is one of the Government’s 10 new tourism destinations of priority in Indonesia. Newly created cities like KIP and Tanjung Lesung are expected to drive Indonesia’s economic growth further, create jobs, improve education and bring more welfare to the Indonesian people.

‘With Indonesia’s GDP close to USD 1trillion and our wealth of natural resources, we see diverse economic opportunities across Indonesia’, says Darmono. “We are skilled in identifying strategic locations with the potential to become the next development project and are focused on sites across the country in Tanjung Lesung, Morotai, and other sites with potential resources and/or strategic advantages. We are committed to contributing to the development of Indonesia’.


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