Hirose: Making the right connections

Japan’s Hirose Electric Co. has served global industries for over 80 years. As a trusted manufacturer of high-performance electronic connectors, the company has made the right connections in Taiwan.

Back in 1987, Hirose Electric established a liaison office in Taipei, Taiwan, and Hirose Electric (Taiwan) has operated as a local company since 1991. Today, the company has a team of 50 employees engaged in sales and materials procurement.

“Within the consumer market segment, we have established strong relationships with major electronics manufacturing services companies,” said Akira Otsuka, general manager of Hirose Electric (Taiwan).

“We have fostered our business relationships since laptop computers were first launched and we continue to share our know-how, product lines and strategies with our local customers.”

Today the Hirose brand is highly regarded in Taiwan and the company continues to establish business opportunities with Taiwan-based EMS companies.

Hirose Electric’s successes in Japan, North America and other key markets have enabled the company to achieve strong growth in Taiwan. While Taiwan and Japan share a strong affinity with one another, Japanese companies in Taiwan face fierce competition and constant market pressures.

“Many companies in Taiwan deliver quality products and provide excellent support, and global companies have high expectations when doing business in Taiwan,” Otsuka said.

“We focus on working with leading EMS and local high-technology companies. They are constantly keeping their eye on future global trends while looking for new market opportunities and taking chances, and we need to do the same.”

The automotive industry is becoming increasingly important to Hirose Electric (Taiwan)’s business and is presenting new opportunities, Otsuka added.

“Innovative automotive design is developing rapidly as drivers demand more, and modern vehicles require added electronic devices as functionality increases,” he said. “We expect Taiwan to play an important role in tomorrow’s automotive market.”

Otsuka concluded: “Across all markets in which Hirose Electric is active, clear communication is at the very heart of our business. Communicating in the local language enables us to do better business, build relationships with customers and win hearts. Our employees and partners in Taiwan play an important role in our success, and I always encourage our team to remember the advantages we offer customers in terms of quality and service.”


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