Explore Thailand’s amazing undersea world

Thailand is surely known for its wide range of fascinating temples, pristine beaches and its delicious cuisine, but there are definitely more lifetime experiences to be made in the heart of Southeast Asia.

The Andaman coast of Thailand offers one of the most attractive and globally leading dive destinations. For years, dive enthusiasts from around the world have been coming to explore bucket list places like Richelieu Rock, The Similan Islands and Phi Phi Islands.

From whale sharks to nudibranchs, Thailand’s Andaman coast is known for its array of astonishing underwater life alongside its breathtaking underwater scenery.

Phuket is at the core of Thailand’s diving experience being that it is so closely situated to the best underwater sites along the Andaman coast. Therefore, most dive trips are carried out offshore with dive trips being done by boat in order to reach these captivating places.

Dive sites around Phuket

  • Shark Point, Anemone Reef and King Cruiser:
    • These three dive sites are all in close proximity of each other but, individually, have something unique to offer. People shouldn’t be surprised to find a variety of schooling fish, moray eels and reef fish with frequent visits of leopard sharks at Shark Point. Home to numerous anemones and vibrant soft corals, the anemone reef is included in many day trips and offers stunning underwater scenery. A modern day 85-meter shipwreck called King Cruiser at the bottom of the ocean is undoubtedly one of the most popular and spectacular shipwrecks to visit with its multitude of cuttlefish, crabs and barracudas.
  • Phi Phi Islands:
    • It goes without saying that the Phi Phi Islands are one of the most attractive diving spots in Southeast Asia, with its crystal-clear waters partnered with scenic beauty at all depths underwater. It is truly a thrilling diving experience at Phi Phi and people shouldn’t be scared of an occasional encounter with Phi Phi’s famous black tip reef sharks.

Khao Lak, situated north of Phuket, also plays host to Thailand’s most breathtaking diving sites along the Andaman coast. The area includes the world-famous Similan Islands, which are regarded as the holy grail of dive sites for many divers. Made up of nine flourishing granite islands, the Similans — apart from the stunning overhangs and granite boulders — hosts one of the most versatile and dynamic underwater ecosystems that is teeming with rays, jacks, sharks and a cluster of astonishing hard and soft coxhdrals.

A short trip north takes visitors to Koh Bon Island and gives the perfect opportunity to see manta rays up close. Further north is where divers will encounter Richelieu Rock, a renowned dive site in Asia that offers the best chance to see a rare whale shark up close — the reason it is called a whale shark magnet. To put it simply, the Similans are simply a must-visit destination in Thailand.

Thailand’s Andaman coast is known for its array of astonishing underwater life alongside its breathtaking underwater scenery.

Evidently, Thailand has no shortage of astonishing dive sites. To visit these places, people have the choice of doing a single day or a weeklong trip. An award-winning dive resort, Sea Bees Diving is known to be at the forefront at offering services that allow people to explore the Andaman Sea at its full potential. With more than 30 years of experience and located at the best dive destinations in Thailand, premium quality dive courses and excursions that are carried out by their custom- built fleet of dive boats are offered. Together with their own resorts in Khao Lak and Phuket, they offer a diving package truly unique in Thailand.


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