Dania Ship Management builds on reputation and excellent services to clients

Industry newcomer Dania Ship Management has already been making waves in the ship management sector thanks to its excellent services and its strong partnership with V.Group, one of the largest ship management companies in the world.

With a total of 38 vessels under its operations since it was established in 2017, the Danish company is already considered an expert in the ship management industry both locally and internationally.

“Being part of (one of) the largest ship management groups gives us an edge when it comes to competing globally with other ship management companies as we work closely with all the segments of the group regarding safety, training, network, technical services, insurance and even catering and travels,” said Mikkjal Poulsen, managing director of Dania Ship Management. “We provide our customers with a comprehensive range of ship management and marine support services to ship owners, as well as the ability to blend those services together in unique combinations to meet specific customer needs.”

Dania’s priority is to continually enhance its operating model with safety and quality placed front and center. Dania develops the underpinning systems, culture and processes, setting the standard for health, safety, environmental and quality systems, culture and performance.

Along with providing quality services, Dania Ship Management also focuses greatly on the welfare of its crew. “The attitude toward physical, mental and emotional health in the maritime sector is rapidly changing and it is now widely viewed as an essential component of successfully and safely operating a ship. Putting wellbeing at the heart of our services means that our crew are in the best possible position to carry out their duties, allowing us to focus on fully leveraging our operating model to deliver better results for customers,” said Poulsen.

The company is also taking a keen interest in the Japanese market and has recently been working closely with Japanese clients.

“We are really interested in having more artnerships in Japan as I’m confident that our flawless service delivery will resonate with Japanese owners. We are certain that the quality of the services we offer is on par with Japanese standards,” Poulsen said.


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