Contributing valuable research for Japan’s nuclear industry

With more than 60 years experience in material research and development Research Centre Řež (CVŘ) in the Czech Republic is one of the world’s top organizations aiming to provide scientific research and development services.

Focusing on nuclear power generation, the company’s research infrastructure is a “one of a kind” high-quality facility.

“CVŘ operates using the latest equipment that allows us to develop new technologies in the field of nuclear power generation,” said Marek Mikloš, business development manager of CVŘ.

“Some of the equipment we use for our operations includes two research reactors, LVR- 15 and LR-0, in addition to an experimental equipment that forms the backbone of the company’s research arm.”

The company went through a significant change from 2011 to 2017 with the implementation of the Sustainable Energy Project (SUSEN) through the Operational Program Research and Development for Innovations. This effort led to the modernization of both the company’s equipment and infrastructure.

With its expertise in the field of power gene ration, CVŘ has gained the support of several Japanese entities, including the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA), Nuclear Radiation Authority (NRA) and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).

An important topic the Japan nuclear industry is interested in is the research of severe accident behavior. Most of this interest is from JAEA, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Tokyo Institute of Technology, with whom CVŘ has signed a memorandum of understanding.

A long-term collaboration studying radiation damage in concrete is also in the pipeline and involves CVŘ, Kajima Corp., Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. and Nagoya University.

Mitsubishi Nuclear Fuel, Nippon Nuclear Fuel Development and JAEA are also discussing the development of accident tolerant fuel cladding technology with the company.

As CVŘ makes progress in the field of nuclear technology, its relationship with Japanese organizations will continue to thrive. More opportunities will also present themselves concerning the company’s development.

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