Casablanca Finance City: Africa’s leading business and financial center

Casablanca Finance City (CFC) was created with the goal of becoming a business catalyst in Africa. Thanks to Morocco’s privileged geographical position at the crossroads of continents, CFC is able to capitalize on the country’s strategic assets such as political stability, world-class infrastructure, excellent connectivity to Africa and solid economic fundamentals. Another asset is the country’s diplomatic and economic strategy geared towards the south, which, altogether, enables CFC to offer its members a unique framework and a base camp from which to develop their businesses effectively.

CFC has attracted major economic players looking for an entry point to Africa’s business potential, facilitating deal flow and access to an excellent local talent pool in Casablanca.

CFC’s business community includes more than 180 members, with a footprint in 46 African countries. They are active across four major categories: financial companies, regional headquarters of multinational companies, service providers and holding companies.

Now recognized as one of the world’s most promising financial centers, CFC has also built a strong network of international partners, comprised of 12 international financial centers and 18 African investment promotion agencies, which are part of the “South-South partnerships”.

“We offer our members an attractive value proposition in a modern business environment with streamlined processes including administrative fasttracks, facilitation of people and capital flow and a fully operational international mediation and arbitration center in Casablanca. In parallel, a premium ‘Doing Business’ personalized support is available to our members so as to allow them to devote their focus towards their core business development. CFC is proud to contribute to Africa’s economic dynamism by accompanying world-leading companies. We cater to our community, while committing to promote our members’ expertise and enabling fruitful business synergies through our networking platform,” said Said Ibrahimi, CEO of Casablanca Finance City.

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