‘Morocco Now’ is turning Japanese

In the bustling heart of Tokyo, the world’s largest city, the vibrant colors of the recently launched “Morocco Now” economic brand shine bright with hope and opportunity.

The brand aims to promote Morocco as a leading “future-proof” industrial and export platform for foreign investors to capture opportunities in a changing world.

After gracing the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and Times Square in New York City, Morocco Now goes on display at the iconic Shibuya crossing, highlighting Morocco’s long history of cooperation with Japan and the promising future it has to offer Asia.


Morocco is tackling the climate crisis head-on by positioning itself to have one of the world’s most competitive low-carbon industries. Japanese organizations have shown significant cooperation and investment in the fields of wind and solar power. Morocco’s commitment to renewable energy spans more than a decade.


Morocco has consistently ranked among the most attractive investment destinations in Africa and has played an important role as a regional trading hub for centuries. Today, it leads the way in terms of world-class infrastructure and digital connectivity across the African continent and offers a “best cost” value proposition.

• Access to 1 billion consumers through free trade agreements with almost 50 countries

• Distance from Europe: 15 km

• Average labor costs: US$327

• Tangier Med Port, the first transshipment platform in Africa, boasts 186 connections with 77 countries

• Airports: 18

• Industrial Zones: 100

First “bullet train” in Africa

42% of population under 25 years old

75: Number of Japanese companies operating in Morocco

49,000: People employed by Japanese companies in Morocco

2x: Increase in Japanese companies in past six years


Morocco is the leading car manufacturer in Africa and has an automotive ecosystem of 250 companies. Its aerospace sector has 140 companies and an average yearly growth rate of 20%.

Business-friendly environment

Political stability

Resilient economy

Human capital

Effective government incentives

World-class “Special Economic Zones”

End-to-end assistance and support from Morocco’s Investment & Export Development Agency (AMDIE)

We invite foreign investors and international buyers to explore the powerful investment and sourcing opportunities Morocco has to offer.

Youssef El Bari, General Manager of AMDIE


Agility is part of Morocco’s DNA and key in a fast-changing world. Morocco is often described by foreign investors as agile, responsive and able to turn crisis into opportunity.

“We invite foreign investors and international buyers to explore the powerful investment and sourcing opportunities Morocco has to offer. We guarantee concrete solutions to the challenges facing the global value chain today and a strong commitment to the success of all investment projects in the country.” – Youssef El Bari, General Manager of AMDIE

Learn more about Morocco.

A Japanese version of the ‘Morocco Now’ website is also available.

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