Celebrating Canada’s 150 years and the country’s strong China ties

2017 is a momentous year for Canada. The peaceful nation, famous for maple syrup, the Niagara Falls and ice hockey is celebrating its 150th birthday. Blessed with a thriving economy and outstanding natural beauty, Canada has become a modern leader in the Western Hemisphere. Inclusiveness and openness are at the heart of Canada’s foreign policy and diplomatic ties. In 1970, Canada was one of the first Western countries to establish diplomatic relations with China and the two countries are continuing to strengthen their relations.

Driven to innovate, deliver quality products and be a reliable partner

Last year Corma was presented with the Leadership Award of Excellence at the 2016 Ontario Export Awards and the company is today recognized as a leading producer of machinery and die tooling equipment for the corrugated plastic pipe manufacturing industry.

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At the time, the Western world was still reluctant and remote towards China. The building of the relationship between the two countries signaled willingness on the part of Canada to engage China and create mutual prosperity between the two countries.

IGNIS helps Chinese companies compete in the $14 billion global AMOLED display market

Our company is focused on improving the quality of active matrix organic LED (AMOLED) displays. We do this by using patented technologies to compensate for AMOLED displays’ inherent weaknesses. Over the years the flat panel display industry evolved from economies such as Taiwan and South Korea to now include the Chinese mainland. Today, China is a dominant force in the flat panel industry when it comes to LCD displays.

Exporting Fun, Building Relationships

China’s shifting consumer demographics and government support of the country’s middle class have seen a rise in recreational spending, and subsequent development of recreation facilities to meet the growing demand. One sector witnessing dramatic growth in China is the water park industry, and this article looks at several drivers behind that trend.