A decade of success in the ‘Detroit of the Alps’

The automotive industry is one of Austria’s most important sectors. Known as the “Detroit of the Alps,” the city of Graz has developed a strong automotive industry and continues to build on its reputation.

Just over a decade ago, Agron Galimuna, CEO of Tri-Wall Austria Packaging Systems GmbH (Tri- Wall Austria) acquired a specialized multi-material packaging plant located near the city Graz.

Today, Tri-Wall Austria of the Tri-Wall Group supplies complete knockdown, medium knockdown, semi-knock-down and free-flow constructive- packaging products and solutions for the automotive, aerospace and industrial sectors.

The combination of Tri- Wall Austria’s close proximity to Graz, Galimuna’s wealth of experience in the automotive industry and the company’s team of highly skilled engineers has enabled Tri-Wall Austria to win customers across Central and Eastern Europe.

“Although the size of our Austrian operations is relatively modest compared with other subsidiaries within the Tri-Wall Group, our team of skilled engineers offer high levels of expertise in custom automotive packaging and are a valuable asset to the group,” said Galimuna.

A year after Galimuna joined, the Tri-Wall Group was acquired by Japanese packaging giant Rengo Co. Ltd.

“We hope to leverage our partnership with Rengo to build long-lasting relations with Japanese companies with operations in Central and Eastern Europe,” said Galimuna.

Moving forward, Tri- Wall Austria plans to harness new automation and digital technologies being driven by “Industry 4.0” to enhance productivity and better serve clients, while maintaining the company’s high-level production quality.

As an integral player within the group, Tri-Wall Austria will continue to deliver unique automotive packaging solutions founded on innovation, research and development.

“We have a deep appreciation for the Japanese work ethic,” said Galimuna. “Through continued Austria-Japan collaborations, we intend to learn more from one another and work closer together.”


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