50 years: Hoerbiger-Japan celebrate a trust-based partnership

Headquartered in Switzerland and with roots in Austria, Hoerbiger’s early internationalization strategy has led to worldwide success, including 50 years in Japan.

Creating benefits for customers and understanding the needs of changing markets, the company delivers performance-defining components such as compressor valves, control systems, rings and lubricating systems for reciprocating compressors, gas-powered engines and transmissions for the oil, gas, chemical and processing industries. Hoerbiger components, systems and service offerings provide improved reliability and efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

When Hoerbiger entered the Japanese market 50 years ago, the decision proved to be a forward-looking step. In 1970, Hoerbiger Nippon K.K.’s four employees were serving 20 customers and despite these modest beginnings, the company generated ¥28.9 million. By 2017, the company’s 65 employees, working with over 1,000 customers, generated ¥3.14 billion.

In a spirit of trust, Japanese manufacturers such as Mitsui and Co. Ltd., JSW Group, Kobelco (Kobe Steel Ltd.), and end user JXTG Nippon Oil and Energy Corp. work closely with Hoerbiger. “To understand the individual needs of our customers around the globe we want to meet them and work with them where they operate,” said Udo Bauer, CEO of Hoerbiger’s Compression Technology Strategic Business Unit.

“Our early decision to globalize was enormously helpful for Hoerbiger. In Japan in particular, we have been able to forge partnerships based on trust, which create a bond with our customers even in difficult economic times. These partnerships have allowed us to be successful together over the course of 50 years.”

Today, Hoerbiger Nippon is one of the group’s most successful international companies and continues to do business with leading Japanese compressor and engine manufacturers and end users. The company employs a partnership-like approach and shares the advantages of Hoerbiger’s added-value, innovative technologies. Hoerbiger Nippon works closely with Hoerbiger in Vienna to deliver benefits to Japanese customers. Today, customers in Japan have access to product management teams and technical developments in Vienna while drawing on Hoerbiger’s long-standing engineering expertise to enhance their own facilities and products.


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