Yokogawa China: Bridging China and Japan

“Clients have high expectations of Yokogawa and we are proud to play an important role within China,” said Kazuhiko Takeoka, Yokogawa’s chief executive for ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations), Pacific, China and Korea, and president and CEO of Yokogawa China Co.

Established in Japan in 1915, Yokogawa is one of the world’s leading industrial automation companies delivering measurement, control and information solutions. Since 1957, Yokogawa China has delivered solutions to customers across China’s industrial sector.

Today, China’s scientific and technological revolution is driving its industrial transformation. Within the country’s infrastructure projects, hydrogen energy initiatives and intelligent manufacturing developments, Yokogawa is committed to growing its business in China.

The company invests in environmental, social and governance initiatives in line with United Nations sustainable development goals.

Green initiatives, digital transformation and energy, pollution and carbon reduction have become key drivers in today’s industrial sectors. Yokogawa China offers customers strong consultancy and technical capabilities while supporting innovations in the automation and “intelligent” industries.

“We believe the transition from industrial automation to industrial autonomy (IA2IA) is already underway,” Takeoka said.

“Yokogawa’s industrial automation and control business brand OpreX delivers products, services and solutions to customers to digitalize and transform their business and drive growth.”

We support clients through our strong ASEAN network and focus on creating a collaborative and customer-centric approach.

Kazuhiko Takeoka, Chief Executive for ASEAN Pacific, China and Korea, and President and Chief Executive Officer of Yokogawa China Co.

While Japan and China rely on one another across industrial supply chains, Yokogawa China is also delivering solutions to customers across the Asia-Pacific region.

“We support clients through our strong ASEAN network and focus on creating a collaborative and customer-centric approach,” Takeoka said.

“In China, technology moves quickly and while new innovations are introduced every day, the respect people have for one another and their traditional customs is very important within Chinese society. This balance between old and new is contributing to the country’s continued economic development,” he noted.

“The pandemic has increased the adoption of digital solutions and through our applied technologies and digital solutions we have been able to educate, prepare and support our employees and customers. We are proud of Yokogawa’s reputation in China and look forward to continuing our role as a bridge between Japan and China.”


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