Yaskawa Europe Technology: Conduits of trust, trade and technology transfer

Synergy doesn’t always happen seamlessly in a business relationship. But when it is achieved, the results can be tremendous — something that Yaskawa Europe Technology will surely attest to.

The Israeli branch of leading Japanese company Yaskawa Electric Corp. has been a testament to the smooth and solid business relations between Japan and Israel in the automation, robotics and semiconductor equipment sectors throughout the past two decades. Yaskawa, through YET, has enjoyed a robust presence in the Israeli marketplace for over 20 years, and is an exemplary model of successful Japanese investment in Israel.

YET represents its Japanese mother company primarily by developing new technologies, and by selling automation and industrial robots to the manufacturing industry and delivering semiconductor wafer handling robots to the semiconductor industry — a vibrant sector enjoying success both domestically and internationally. Moreover, the company explores innovative investment opportunities for Yaskawa in Israel’s globally recognized startup scene.

“In 1996, we introduced an innovative technology to Yaskawa, one involving motion control for automation and robotics, which they liked very much. Then, we started developing algorithms, software and other technologies for automation. We developed products based on the technology synergy of Japanese and Israeli know-how and they were exported successfully to global markets,” shared Arik Dan, YET’s president and CEO, who has been with the company since its inception.

“We started to establish trust between Israel and Japan, and in 2008, we became a 100% fully owned subsidiary of Yaskawa Electric Corp. In 2016, Yaskawa established the Investment Innovation Fund for startup technologies globally and in Israel, ranging from medical technology, agri tech, energy, cyber, artificial intelligence, 3D printing and a variety of other new technologies developed by startup companies. Investments in Israeli startups enable Japanese companies to gain access to advanced innovation and technologies developed in Israel,” Dan added.

We developed products based on the technology synergy of Japanese and Israeli know-how and they were exported successfully to global markets.

Arik Dan, President & Chief Executive Officer of Yaskawa Europe Technology

While Yaskawa Electric Corp. has shown a deep commitment to its foreign partners, YET is arguably one of its most unique subsidiaries, with every indicator pointing to greater success, in the years to come.

“We’re very active and we love Japan. Of course, there are challenges. But, overall, the process has been very successful. We’re looking forward to growing the business dramatically, in the coming years.”


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