VP Bank Group – Committed to substantial growth and expansion in Asia

Switzerland not only shares a common monetary and economic area with neighboring Liechtenstein but also world-class financial sector expertise.

Listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange, VP Bank Group is one of the largest private banks in the Principality of Liechtenstein with more than 800 employees worldwide. With offices in seven locations around the globe including Hong Kong and Singapore, Asia is one of the bank’s most important growth markets requiring comprehensive, professional financial services and management of client assets.

In Singapore, the mid-sized ‘boutique bank’ has doubled its employees within seven years and is continuously hiring new advisors to work with clientele and deliver outstanding value in investment advisory, wealth consulting and succession planning.

“Our advisors are dedicated to meeting the needs of high net-worth individuals, clients with assets in excess of two million Singapore dollars, and also deliver tailored services to our ultra-high net worth individuals,” says Christoph Mauchle, VP Bank Group’s head of client business and member of the group executive management.

In Asia VP Bank Group’s business model is based on two strategic pillars: private banking and the intermediaries business.

“Our individual target markets are primarily in Southeast Asia, namely Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Thailand”, says Mauchle.

Together with its partners across the world, VP Bank Group recommends either the best traditional investment instruments to its clients or develops in-house proprietary, innovative solutions.

“The global presence of VP Bank Group enables us to draw on a vast pool of expertise to ensure country-specific circumstances that are taken into account when necessary,” explains Mauchle. “Thanks to this ‘open-architecture’ and quality management, clients can rest assured that they have the most suitable investment instruments in their portfolio.”

With the recent hiring of Bruno Morel as CEO for Singapore and VP Bank Group’s tenth anniversary in the city-state next year, the bank is committed to substantial growth and expansion in Asia.

“For VP Bank Group, our strategic goal in Asia is to achieve growth both organically and through mergers and acquisitions”, says Mauchle. “We intend to win new clients and expand our existing client base while driving the qualitative growth of our client’s assets under management”.

“Chinese investors need good representation to guide them through the legal system and taxation structures in Canada,” says Sun. “By hiring a professionally-run firm and working with a competent legal team who understands cultural differences, Chinese companies can succeed in Canada.”

“I am very positive about the long-term relationship between China and Canada,” Sun concludes. “Canada has always been ‘pro-China’ since Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau started discussion with China in 1968. Canada will continue to play an important role in bridging China and the Western world.”


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