United Tractors: Celebrating 50 years

United Tractors (a member of the Astra Group) is celebrating 50 years of contributions to the Indonesian economy.

1972 ushered in a new era for Indonesia with economic development and strong growth across the forestry, mining and construction sectors.

United Tractors contributed to Indonesia’s nation-building efforts and the company grew in unison with the country. Today the company contributes to Indonesia through business, corporate social responsibility initiatives and environmental projects.

With branches across the country, the company works in close partnership with Komatsu, UD Trucks (formerly Nissan Diesel trucks) and Tadano of Japan.

“We have developed long-term relationships with all our partners,” said Frans Kesuma, the company’s president director.

“Our unique relationship as a distributor for Komatsu continues to thrive as we understand the needs of the domestic market and those of the companies with whom we do business,” he said.

Indonesia’s economy continues to grow. Demand for energy has increased and United Tractors has successfully diversified into mining contracting, coal and gold mining and energy.

Indonesia and Japan share a strong bond. As we celebrate our 50-year anniversary, we want to contribute to this relationship by continuing to bring value to this important partnership.

Frans Kesuma, President Director of United Tractors

Pamapersada Nusantara, United Tractors’ mining contracting business, has close ties to Indonesia’s largest coal producers.

“We have become the largest coal-mining contractor in Indonesia and our coal mines export high-calorific coal to international markets, including Japan,” Kesuma explained.

“We are also involved in coal-fired power plants with Sumitomo and Kansai Electric. As technology drives change across all industries, we are actively anticipating the direction in which our company needs to move.

“While renewable energy such as geothermal, hydro and solar solutions will drive Indonesia’s economy forward, the country is at a crossroads regarding infrastructure, regulations and incentives. Government and industry need to work closely to achieve the targeted renewable portion,” he said.

A crucial factor in United Tractors’ success is its commitment to environmental, social and governance initiatives.

“We support our employees and contribute to the social and economic development of the people in the areas in which we work by delivering health care, vocational schools and teacher-empowerment and income-generating activities,” Kesuma said.

United Tractors has strong financial capabilities, a trusted reputation, a dedicated team of people who understand the need to react quickly to change, and a close friendship with Japan.

“Indonesia and Japan share a strong bond,” Kesuma concluded. “As we celebrate our 50-year anniversary, we want to contribute to this relationship by continuing to bring value to this important partnership.”


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