The expertise, network, and services for every Japanese startup in Berlin

Few things are more rewarding to those with an entrepreneurial, innovative spirit than to set up their own company. But, bottom line: startups are a lot of work.

With millions of startups launching each year, the competition is tough. Success can be a tenuous concept, without the right tools.

With its strong corporate background and extensive startup experience, CROSSBIE may very well be the instrument to unleash your startup’s full, long-term potential. Based in the dynamic, multicultural capital city of Berlin, CROSSBIE is committed to helping startup companies achieve tangible, sustainable success. With a specialization on melding Japan with the global startup ecosystem, CROSSBIE establishes a tech marketplace for both companies and startups, promotes development of new innovations, and drives business and societal impact.

“We are a cross-border innovation ecosystem. We wanted to create a bridge between Japan and Berlin, but also, to all of Europe. We are helping the Japanese government transform Japanese corporations into global corporations and to create more inbound investments,” shares Chika Yamamoto, CROSSBIE’s CEO. “Berlin is recognized as one of the top startup ecosystem cities in Europe. Initially, companies came here because it was cheaper than the other major cities in Europe but its rich history, culture, diversity and inclusiveness makes it really attractive for young people who are looking for inspiration and future technologies,” Yamamoto adds.

We are helping the Japanese government transform Japanese corporations into global corporations and to create more inbound investments.

Chika Yamamoto, Chief Executive Officer of CROSSBIE

While the company was formed just last April 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic was just beginning, it has been actively supporting startups for four years, to date. “Through our networks, people started asking, ‘Can you help us with this and that?’—CROSSBIE was born from this demand for our expertise, network, and services,” Yamamoto explains. Propelled by its many partnerships with organizations such as JETRO, Asia-Berlin Summit, and The Drivery, to name a few, CROSSBIE brings an array of advantages to every startup’s wheelhouse.

Yamamoto notes that this year’s Asia-Berlin summit saw a big turnout of dignitaries from Kobe, Yokohama and from leading companies. “I think the momentum is there and the business relationship between Berlin and Japan will become stronger and more profitable from now on. I hope that Japanese companies notice us as a potential business partner”.

In September 2021, CROSSBIE founded CROSSBIE JAPAN K.K., a subsidiary in Yokohama, Japan, to further strengthen its operations also with big corporations.

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