Taylor Maritime: Respecting tradition while embracing innovation

Taylor Maritime Investments Ltd. is making waves in the international shipping industry. In June this year, the company became the first dry bulk shipping company to list on the premium segment of the London Stock Exchange.

Bridges (by Synergy Media Specialists) spoke with Taylor Maritime Investments Ltd.

Edward Buttery, founder, CEO and son of Chris Buttery, the famous co-founder of Hong Kong’s Pacific Basin, discussed the company’s initial public offering, strong Japan connections and his vision for Taylor Maritime.

Bridges: What values have led to Taylor Maritime’s success?

Buttery: As an investor in the sector, we prize trust amongst stakeholders, investment partners, shipowners, charterers and yards, which is a key factor behind our growth.

I personally attribute a great deal of our success to the friendships my father built up throughout his days with Pacific Basin. Japanese stakeholders have placed their trust in our family name and the Taylor Maritime brand and I have a responsibility to carry the baton on from my father and strengthen our friendships in Japan.

How important is the Japanese market to you?

Japan is a source of “quality tonnage” and we revere our Japanese partners and our long-standing relationships with them. I spend approximately eight weeks a year in Japan visiting partners and our relationships with Japanese shipbuilders have been critical to our success.

Japan is a source of ‘quality tonnage’ and we revere our Japanese partners and our long-standing relationships with them.

Edward Buttery, Founder, CEO and Executive Director of Taylor Maritime Investments

Japanese stakeholders prioritize pricing, effective operational delivery and high-quality services. Japan will continue to play a critical role in our future business.

What is your vision for Taylor Maritime?

We must respect tradition while embracing innovation and perpetuating a profit-driven approach. This notion applies to technology, personal relationships and the vision we have for our business. The maritime sector remains a highly personal and reputation-oriented business so those lasting relationships are crucial. My vision for Taylor Maritime Investments is to build on our reputation as a trusted partner and our main market London listing is an excellent springboard for longevity and growth.

The buoyant handysize vessel segment which focuses on transporting necessity goods — predominantly food — is at the heart of our investments. It’s an exciting time for the market.


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