Taking The Caravel Group forward into the next generation

The management team of The Caravel Group shares its views on leveraging technology, commodities and the importance of the Japanese market.

Chairman & CEO
The Caravel Group

Bridges: What are some of the more recent milestones of The Caravel Group as it approaches its first decade in the maritime sector?

Banga: The Caravel Group is one of the largest maritime service providers in the world. Our fleet of over 600 vessels is either owned, technically managed or chartered by us, and represents one of the largest fleets of vessels in the world.

What message would you like to send about the group and opportunities in Japan for further cooperation?

Our strong presence in global maritime activities has been beneficial to the growth in our commodities trading platforms, and there is a tremendous amount of potential there. This is an area of growth we’re looking at specifically in Japan.

We have also begun to experience the synergistic strength between our technical and dry bulk chartering activities by growing our commercial management operations. We believe this is a true differentiating factor of the services we can offer ship owners that no other company can, and we’re excited about the prospects of how this will drive our business in the Japanese market.

Managing Director
Fleet Management Ltd.

How would you characterize your relationship with the Japanese market?

Rajvanshy: Japan was one of the first markets to welcome us with open arms, and 25 years later it has grown to become our largest market for ship owners. We take great pride in the strong reputation we have built with this community of top shipping professionals, one that is synonymous with unmatched levels of service, expertise and professionalism.

Where do you see the most opportunity for growth for Fleet’s business?

The quality and diversity of ship owners is unlike any other market; Japanese companies are true pioneers and leaders in the areas of ship design, naval architecture and ship owning. With an unrivaled maritime insurance and finance market as well, there is huge demand for exceptional ship management services that adhere to the highest of safety and technical standards. This is where Fleet’s value proposition is perfectly positioned.

Japan was one of the first markets to welcome us with open arms, and 25 years later it has grown to become our largest market for ship owners.

KISHORE RAJVANSHY, Managing Director, Fleet Management Ltd.

Chief Operating Officer
The Caravel Group

As a second-generation leader, what is your vision as you look toward the next decade?

Banga: I see my role as a strong steward for The Caravel Group. Growth is top of mind, and this applies both to the growth of our business — meaning, maintaining our strengths and enhancing our capabilities — as much as it does to cultivating a solid leadership team with a strong vision which can take The Caravel Group forward into the next generation.

How is innovation changing the maritime industry, and what is the group doing to stay ahead of the curve and drive that change?

Almost 20 years ago we introduced our award-winning PARIS platform (planning and reporting infrastructure for ship) within our maritime business. We were pioneers back then and we will continue to take the lead in using technology and data-driven insights to create value for our clients. From operational efficiency gains to reducing or even eliminating safety-related incidents, to monitoring and reducing the carbon footprint of a vessel, the possibilities are endless. I want The Caravel Group to draw on our strengths and expertise and leverage technology to better position ourselves for the future. 


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