Taisho Pharmaceutical: Health is wealth

Headquartered in Millennium Centennial Center in central Jakarta, Taisho Pharmaceutical Indonesia is playing an important role within Indonesia’s health care sector.

Japan’s Taisho Pharmaceutical, with over a century of history and the largest share of Japan’s over-the-counter pharmaceutical market, acquired Squibb Indonesia in 2009 to create Taisho Pharmaceutical Indonesia.

The company develops, registers, processes, produces and sells chemical, pharmaceutical and health care products.

“Taisho Pharmaceutical has two backbone products: Counterpain and Tempra,” explained Toshiyuki Ishii, general manager and director.

Counterpain is a trusted heritage topical analgesic brand, which nowadays has extended its positioning to support healthy lifestyles, while Tempra is a paracetamol for reducing fever and pain, such as from headaches and toothaches, in children.

We have made a commitment to contribute to the enhancement of health care in Indonesia.

Toshiyuki Ishii, General Manager and Director of Taisho Pharmaceutical Indonesia

“Today Counterpain ranks No. 2 in this particular category and we are dedicated to both enhanced availability and affordability in order to become market leader in this category within the next few years,” Ishii said.

“Taisho Pharmaceutical Indonesia’s Tempra product is designed for the child analgesic antipyretic segment and is very close to holding the No. 1 position in terms of market share.”

Taisho brands are popular with consumers across Asia and the company is proud of its ability to support healthy lifestyles around the world.

Health care, well-being and sports are closely interconnected and Indonesians are very active in terms of physical exercise.

“Sports can unite nations and encourage people to come together,” Ishii said.

“We decided to enter the sports market with our product Counterpain and established a collaboration with KONI (Komite Olahraga Nasional Indonesia — the National Sports Committee of Indonesia).”

“We are actively supporting athletes and improving their performance by providing products such as Counterpain Cool, which is effective for mid-cooling during sport exercise amid high-temperature ambience, which is important in helping to prevent athletes from injury and to continue the endurance of sport exercise.”

With a population of over 277 million, there is huge potential for growth across the Indonesian health care sector.

“We have made a commitment to contribute to the enhancement of health care in Indonesia,” Ishii said.

“Our manufacturing facility in Depok, West Java, employs approximately 160 people and we encourage our employees to embrace our culture of ‘Change, Chance, Challenge, Charge.’ We look forward to remaining open-minded to new possibilities in order to stay ahead of the changes taking place across the industry.”


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