Supporting semiconductor and LCD fabrication plants in Japan and the rest of the region

The success of manufacturers in the electronics industry is intrinsically linked to strong partnerships and alliances within the supply-chain. Semiconductor and liquid crystal display (LCD) fabrication plants require state-of-the-art infrastructure and machinery, suppliers and tech-support in order to operate at the optimal level.

Komono-based Japan Material Co., Ltd. develops, manufactures and sells gas-supply systems and special-material gas which are essential materials to the manufacturing process of semiconductors and LCDs. The company also designs and constructs general equipment piping and manages supplying ultra-pure water and chemicals.

“Our competitive advantage is that we are a group founded on multi-skilled engineers who are focused on providing a life-line to semiconductor and LCD fabrication plants,” says Hisao Tanaka, President of Japan Material Co. Ltd.

“Few companies can offer the level of expertise we are able to deliver through our engineers, all of whom hold various licenses to enable them to manage multiple projects in various industries”.

The range of services offered by the company includes ‘Total Facility Management’ (TFM).

“TFM was launched in order for us to undertake the operational management at cutting-edge facilities with the aim of reducing our customers’ costs”, says Tanaka.

Having established an extensive network across Japan and entering the Taiwanese market, the company expanded into Southeast Asia in 2015 by acquiring Singapore-based Aldon Technologies Services Group (ATS). (read related article)

“We saw value in Aldon’s strengths as a business and recognized that both our companies could benefit by bringing together Singaporean know-how to Japan and Japan expertise to Singapore”, says Tanaka.

“I am very happy with our investment in Singapore both from a business perspective and from a people-to-people standpoint. Singaporeans are trustworthy and share the same values and work ethics as their Japanese counterparts. ATS and Japan Material have similar approaches to doing business and today we share a clear goal in terms of the direction in which we are going”.

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