Supporting Japanese companies in Egypt

Successful businesses require the best legal representation. With 11 offices across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, Amereller is recognized as a leading legal services firm.

Amereller covers the entire spectrum of business law and has over 60 lawyers dedicated to assisting clients.

Established almost 20 years ago, Mena Associates, in association with Amereller, is the firm’s Cairo office. It represents some of the largest local private businesses, international banks, government agencies and leading multinationals.

As Egypt and Japan continue to work closely together, cross border transactions between Japan and Egypt are increasing and more joint ventures, partnerships and mergers are being announced.

In association with Amereller, Mena Associates has extensive experience in all aspects of business law and knows the local environment to successfully negotiate joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions.

“We have a multilingual office in Cairo and can fully support our international clients,” said Ingy Rasekh, managing partner, Egypt. “We work very closely with various Japanese companies to support their activities in Egypt.”

Rasekh is confident that the Egypt-Japan relationship will continue to thrive and intends to work more closely with Japanese companies in Egypt and the region. “Our Dubai office has a dedicated ‘Japan Desk’ with Japanese nationals and native speakers with whom we work very closely. We look forward to continuing to serve our Japanese clients.”

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