Learn how location technology can help you scale your business at Quuppa’s Location Innovation event 2021

Japan is the third-largest automobile manufacturer and has largest electronic goods industry in the world. Its highly advanced manufacturing sector is at the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution coined “Industry 4.0”, integrating automated processes via digital technologies.

Growing parallel to the artificial intelligence and robotics, is the advancement of industrial digitalization. The internet of things (IoT) and location technologies are spurring rapid digital transformation across all major industries.

Quuppa offers the world’s leading location technology platform enabling businesses to achieve more with Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) across a wide variety of industries including manufacturing & logistics, healthcare, smart buildings, retail, and sports.

RTLS enables location-based solutions to improve operational safety and the entire manufacturing process from production and warehousing to delivery and even supply chain management.

More and more manufacturing and warehouse facility managers are able to fulfil security and safety requirements, avoid collisions, improve evacuation efficiency, detect danger zones and monitor human vital signs with the help of RTLS. It can also solve maximize bottom lines through asset tracking, route optimization paperless orders, inventory management and maintenance process optimization.

Watch this video to learn how the Morita Fire Truck Factory achieved its goals by implementing Quuppa’s technology:

The Quuppa Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) platform gives you a full view of every detail of your production process, allowing you to see precisely when, where and why problems arise – in real-time. Armed with this actionable data, you have the power to optimize processes immediately to make your business safer, more efficient and more profitable.

Do you want to transform your manufacturing and logistics?

Speak to one of our Quuppa RTLS experts and we can guide you to the perfect solution for you.

Quuppa’s Japanese partners and their end-customers present how Quuppa’s location technology has helped solve operational challenges:

Agenda (Japan):

• Event Opening – Quuppa journey since late 90’s
Yang Luo | Quuppa Sales Manager, Japan/Korea/SEA  

Smart Factories: The Value of RTLS in Improving Productivity
Kokusai Kogyo Co., Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co., Raiznext

Location Innovation for Industrial Environments
Toshin Kogyo Ad-Sol Nissin Corporation  

Watch The Location Innovation Virtual Event 2021 and learn more:

About Quuppa

Quuppa was established in September 2012 by the team responsible for the invention of the High Accuracy Indoor Positioning (HAIP) at the Nokia Research Center. Based on the discovery of the superiority of the Angle-of-Arrival method, the team developed the groundbreaking algorithms and conducted the extensive research & testing required to solidify the technology into a proven concept.

With over fifteen years of experience as its foundation, the Quuppa team commercialised their innovation to create a complete product platform – the Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™.

We are convinced that innovation and collaboration go hand-in-hand. Driven by our passion for creating a superior positioning standard and working closely with our partners across various industries, Quuppa has been able to develop a viable solution that spans many different verticals and use cases.

Today Quuppa is a leading provider of Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS), with 2600+ deployments in 55+ countries and over 200 partners worldwide.

Quuppa is a privately owned, independent company, employing 50+ people and holds its headquarters in Espoo, Finland – with offices in Washington DC (USA), Sydney (AUS), Shanghai & Shenzhen (CN).


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