PureteQ powers through sustainable shipping technologies

The shipping industry is perhaps the world’s most efficient and earliest form of transportation. Being one of the oldest modes of transport means that older technologies are often used.

That said, the Danish company PureteQ has conducted thorough research in developing its products, thus coming up with one of the most reliable and energy efficient scrubber systems in the world.

“A scrubber system is used by ships for the purification of exhaust gas in order to reduce negative impact on human health from using HFO (heavy fuel oil). Scrubbers may reduce operational costs by 30 to 40 percent,” explained Anders Skibdal, CEO of PureteQ.

PureteQ is also the first company to provide full remote accessibility. “We designed our control system to enable remote support to the ship’s crew in a cheap and efficient manner,” shared Skibdal.

Along with its optimization efforts, PureteQ also focused on looking for clients which shared their views and values. PureteQ has experienced that Japanese clients prefer custom-made systems with a small footprint as this reduce the installation cost. The clients also appreciate the additional safety features.

“The Japanese market was difficult to enter, but we took on the challenge and succeeded, improving our services in the process,” said Skibdal.

“Because of the positive connection with Japan, we decided to form a company there about a year ago, PureteQ Japan K.K., and we are performing pretty well there as of the moment.”

Currently, PureteQ is making further improvements on the quality of their products while doing business with larger shipowners and shipyards in Japan.

“We make sure to test everything. We must be very detail oriented when doing business with Japanese clients because the quality of the product is something they value very much,” Skibdal emphasized.

“The Japanese have the highest standards, and if your products are attractive in Japan, then they are attractive everywhere.”


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