PSHP Law: International Experience, Indonesian Expertise

As a leading Indonesian law firm, PSHP Law aims to develop as a firm, invests in its people and help clients achieve their goals. The firm provides legal advice to domestic and foreign clients on their investments and business activities in Indonesia, offering a comprehensive range of legal services.

PSHP Law is focused on achieving client satisfaction and is playing a role in the development of the Indonesian legal sector by providing legal services at the highest standards.

Prominent in Indonesian business and academic circles, PSHP Law partners are active in various Indonesian and Asia Pacific business and legal associations and are regularly involved in law reform programs and other government legal committees.

As Indonesian lawyers with international experience focused on sector expertise and value-added solutions, PSHP Law has curated specialised expertise into an offering dedicated to the Indonesian energy, infrastructure, banking, aviation, hospitality, telecommunication, and industrial sectors.

From investment to divestment, from development to commercial operation, from mergers and acquisitions to restructuring and dispute resolution, the firm assists clients throughout the entire business life-cycle.

Bridges spoke with PSHP Law’s Ellrico P. Situmorang

Situmorang is the founder of Parulian Situmorang & Partners which has been rebranded as PSHP Law.

He leads the Dispute practice in PSHP Law and specialises in commercial litigation, dispute resolution, restructuring, bankruptcy and arbitration.

Bridges: How would you describe the Indonesian economy in 2024?

Situmorang: Indonesia is in a good place today. We are happy with the direction in which the country is heading and the previous decade has laid a firm foundation for economic growth.

Investment has led to infrastructure projects being undertaken and completed and we are happy with the trends we are seeing.

While investment has been ongoing, the ‘trickle-down’ effect has been somewhat slow but the trajectory is good.

We continue to serve innovative clients who are active in many key sectors of the Indonesian economy. Going forward, we are happy with the progress being made and the role we continue to play.

We continue to serve innovative clients who are active in many key sectors of the Indonesian economy.

Ellrico P. Situmorang, Managing Partner at PSHP Law

What makes PSHP Law stand out within the country’s legal sector?

Our lawyers come from some of the larger law firms and we are very accustomed to preparing solutions and serving international clients.

Foreign investors to Indonesia need a law firm they can trust and consider our firm to be innovative and we provide local wisdom to global firms active in Indonesia.

We are internationally-minded and considered experts in our specialist areas.

What challenges are you currently facing as a firm?

Many Indonesian law firms are interconnected; we know each other and appreciate the work we all do. Employee retention can often be a challenge for large, midsize and smaller law firms, regardless of the jurisdiction in which they do business.

Salary plays a role here and we are committed to investing in our people and we see movement within the market as a reflection of the dynamic sector in which we work.

Good lawyers are in demand and we continue to grow our team and ensure our expectations and values are set within the firm.

We are training and raising good lawyers and our reputation for quality is strengthened by our people and their forward-thinking approach.

As Indonesia’s economy develops, do you expect the country’s legal sector to thrive in line with the continued growth?

Law firms have an important role to play in facilitating business and ensuring companies act in accordance with the law.

The larger law firms compete amongst themselves, the middle size firms are more flexible and can serve clients on a more personal level; we intend to continue to pay a role here.

We are client focused and will remain so as we grow the firm, this is one of our key advantages as a law firm.

We are client focused and will remain so as we grow the firm, this is one of our key advantages as a law firm.

What is the next step for PSHP Law?

In terms of the growth, we want to see, we have put five-year plans in place:

  • The first five years will see us growing our practice within Indonesia and developing a strong, tangible presence.
  • The next five years will see us become a stronger firm on a regional level. We already work closely with Asian-based companies and we expect this area of our business to grow as we reach out to clients across the region.
  • The following five years we want to develop the firm’s presence on the international stage. We already work closely with global companies and expect this area of our business to grow in the years to come.

Undoubtedly, as we grow, we will face new challenges but we are ready to act as a flexible and driven firm with our clients’ best interests at the heart of what we do.

As a three-partner firm, we are able to work very closely together and communication is strong. We get together, we respect one another and we provide a professional service to our clients which is based on the law

We look forward to continuing to serve our local and international clients in a respectful, knowledgeable and professional manner.

World Trade Centre 5, 11th Floor
Jl Jend Sudirman Kav. 29-31
Jakarta 12920, Indonesia
+62 21 522 9705-06

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