Patria gears up for success armed with new technologies

Finland is widely known across the globe for its expertise in the fields of electronics, forestry, machinery and vehicles, specifically armored vehicles.

“Patria has been a strategic partner for Finland’s defence, security, and aviation sector for nearly 100 years,” said Petri Jokinen, senior vice president for sales and marketing in Patria’s Land business unit.

Patria has been the leading provider of armored wheeled vehicles in the country and in other regions such as Sweden, Norway and Poland.

The company rose to fame internationally in the ’80s when the U.N. acquired its XA-series 6×6 armored wheeled vehicles for peacekeeping operations.

Since then, Patria became the market leader for modern 8×8 wheeled vehicles, with its Armored Modular Vehicle (AMV) selling more than 1,600 units in several countries across the globe. The biggest customer for Patria AMV has been Poland, which has close to 1,000 AMV’s called Rosomak. The Polish program has been carried out through wide manufacturing and life cycle support technology transfers to local company Rosomak S.A. Patria has also transferred technology to Croatia, Slovenia and the Republic of South Africa. These countries have significantly increased their security of supply for the life cycle support of the vehicles.

“Patria AMVXP is the top of the line when it comes to modern 8×8 AMV. Offering extra performance, protection and payload, it has superior mobility in its own class,” Jokinen said.

Due to the excellent quality and performance of Patria’s AMVXP, it was recently selected for one year of field-testing in Japan.

“We are very excited about the potential developments and opportunities for Patria in Japan,” Jokinen said.

Because of this, Patria sees a lot of opportunities to work hand in hand with Japanese customers and industry in developing new technologies for its vehicles. “I envision Patria’s successful entry into Japan to bring forward more technology transfers from Finland to Japan and vice-versa, although the level of local production is always tailored toward customer needs and requirements. Patria is also more than capable to export complete systems from Finland to Japan, if that’s a better fit to the customer’s procurement strategy,” Jokinen noted.

“Finland and Japan are two very technologically advanced countries. There are many Japanese companies that we admire and wish to partner with and I believe that Japan could be Patria’s gateway to other Asian markets,” he added.

Patria is currently looking into industry trends to be used for the further development of their AMVXP.

“We can see that the market is focusing on producing more agile units that can operate both independently and as a single unit,” explained Jokinen.

“We are actively applying these new technologies on our vehicles for protection, battlefield connectivity and computer aided or autonomous operations,” he added.

In terms of its future growth, Patria seeks to maintain its position as the leading manufacturer of protected mobility on Patria AMVXP.

“We will continue our company’s vision to be the number one partner for critical operations in defence markets all around the world,” Jokinen concluded.

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