OKAZ: A safe environment for investors

First recorded in 500 B.C. and lasting until 760 A.D., OKAZ was the most famous market on the Arabian Peninsula. OKAZ began every year when pilgrims arrived in Mecca and provided a safe environment for trading. OKAZ symbolized challenge, commitment to excellence, prudence, trust and honor.

Since 1984, under the OKAZ name, the OKAZ Group has been recognized as a reliable financial firm.

OKAZ is expanding its diversified local and international client base by maintaining long-lasting relationships, offering top-quality services and providing prudent investment advice.

“Our strategy is to continuously build on our achievements while widening the array of services we provide to clients,” said Amani Hamed, OKAZ chairperson.

“We cherish the values that the old market stood for and will continue to provide our clients with a safe environment for their investments and offer attractive investment opportunities.”


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