Mitsubishi Corporation: Contributing to positive change in Malaysia

From Japan to the world, Mitsubishi Corp. has established a truly global footprint. The Japanese trading company has over 200 offices and subsidiaries in about 90 countries and regions.

In Malaysia, Mitsubishi’s Kuala Lumpur branch (Mitsubishi KL) has nurtured a strong partnership with the country by creating synergies and contributing to the nation’s continued development.

“We understand the needs of the Malaysian people,” said Genichi Ichikawa, general manager of Mitsubishi KL. “As a company, we conduct ourselves in accordance with the requirements of the country and are proud of the partnerships and friendships we have developed in Malaysia over the years.”

Mitsubishi KL is active in a range of key sectors within the Malaysian economy. Areas of business include construction and infrastructure, investment, automotive, manufacturing and retail. Evoking the sense of the Malaysian people’s can-do attitude, Mitsubishi KL is well positioned to play an important role in Malaysia’s efforts to become a developed nation.

Sitting on the board of several leading companies, Ichikawa recognizes the strengths of Malaysia’s dynamic and diverse economy. By taking time to speak with people from all walks of life, Ichikawa has developed a holistic outlook toward people’s needs and the steps needed to improve the lives of those living in communities across the country.

MC Biotech and the Sarawak Biodiversity Centre (SBC) are two examples of Mitsubishi KL’s commitment to delivering sustainable projects while contributing to the country and the region through corporate social responsibility initiatives.

MC Biotech in Brunei is cultivating astaxanthin-producing microalgae, which can potentially help economies diversify beyond oil and gas. With the government of Brunei’s efforts to preserve natural land, the country’s clean air quality and water make it an ideal location to encourage the growth of microalgae, and MC Biotech is driving biotechnology developments while encouraging the use of biofuels.

Since 2012, SBC has been exploring algae biodiversity in Sarawak, Malaysia. In addition to being a viable alternative biofuel energy source, applications include aquaculture and nutraceuticals. Mitsubishi KL is building a 1,000-square meter outdoor photobioreactor to support this important project.

“In Malaysia, I enjoy talking to people and learning of their dreams for the future of their country,” said Ichikawa. “We want to continue to support Malaysia and appreciate the fact that the people love their country. Mitsubishi KL is here to move forward together with Malaysia.”

Mitsubishi KL also works closely with national oil and gas company Petronas to ensure a steady supply of liquefied natural gas to Japan. The company is committed to educating and assisting local communities living near the company’s natural gas facility in Sarawak.

“Our hope is that we can play a role in the transfer of skills and knowledge between Malaysia and Japan,” said Ichikawa.

“Education and environmental protection are at the heart of our business in Malaysia. As we conduct our business, we take a deep interest in the local communities who live in the areas in which we work. We look forward to continuing our journey hand in hand with the Malaysian people and our business partners with whom we have developed strong and long-lasting ties.”

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