Kirin: ‘Joy brings us together’

Founded in 1888, the Kirin Group is a global Japanese company with a vision.

In Singapore, the company’s agreement with Asia Pacific Breweries (Singapore) Pte Ltd. to distribute Kirin Ichiban beer has led to sales more than doubling since 2010.

“Kirin beer is recognized by Singaporeans as Japanese, premium imported beer carried at high-end Japanese restaurants, hotels, bars, gastropubs and supermarkets,” said Hiromasa Honda, managing director of Kirin Holdings Singapore Pte Ltd.

“Our online sales are increasing and we see space for the Kirin brand to grow in Singapore.”

In 2011, the company acquired Interfood Shareholding Co. in Vietnam and established its nonalcoholic beverage business in the country.

“We took over the company, restructured the management team and created a highly profitable business in which Kirin brand products play an important role,” Honda said.

As technology continues to change existing industries and social infrastructure, the Kirin Group is positioning itself for future growth.

“We are facing an uncertain and unstable future and it is challenging to envision what will come next,” said Honda.

“For us to grow, it is necessary for us to become more resilient as a company, create shared values, find growth opportunities and address social issues.”

In February 2019, the Kirin Group announced its long-term management vision, “KV2027,” to bridge its pharmaceuticals and food and beverage businesses.

I want to congratulate Japan and Singapore on this 55th anniversary year and trust we can strengthen our shared interactions in the future.

Hiromasa Honda, Managing Director of Kirin Holdings Singapore Pte Ltd.

As people live longer, demand for health-supporting foods and wellness products is on the increase and Kirin’s group-wide joint research and development team is leveraging its experience and expertise to create biotechnology and fermentation-derived products.

Human immune cells protect against viral infections. While conventional lactic acid bacteria stimulate only a few cells (such as natural killer cells), Kirin’s Lactococcus lactis strain plasma directly activates plasmacytoid dendritic cells (pDCs), which increase the antiviral potential of the peripheral immune function.

The team’s findings have been met with critical acclaim and Kirin’s iMUSE functional food brand of healthier-living products is gaining market share.

“We are currently looking for Singapore-based business partners who are able to share our vision and collaborate with us,” Honda said.

“Our health science products offer a redefined joy of food and well-being by focusing on nature, craftsmanship and people.”

“We are committed to bringing happiness and joy to people and in this spirit, I want to congratulate Japan and Singapore on this 55th anniversary year and trust we can strengthen our shared interactions in the future.”

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