JTI in Vietnam: Contributing to long-term and sustainable economic growth

“Japanese companies have taken a farsighted and methodical approach in terms of their investments in the Vietnamese market,” said Corrado Mautone, general manager of Japan Tobacco International in Vietnam (JTI Vietnam).

Fulfilling responsibilities

JTI’s investments in Vietnam span over 20 years and the company’s strategy reflects its “4S model.”

“Under the 4S model, we strive to fulfill the responsibilities we have towards our consumers, employees, shareholders and society,” explained Mautone.

“We carefully consider their respective interests and aim to exceed their expectations at every opportunity.”

JTI’s investments and partnerships in the country, particularly with Vinataba (Vietnam National Tobacco Corp.), have enabled the company to strengthen its market share. The Camel brand has been the fastest-growing premium tobacco brand in northern Vietnam for the past two years.

A top employer

JTI is recognized as a “Top Employer” in Vietnam by the Top Employers Institute. The company carries out an annual employee engagement survey and this year saw the Vietnam branch achieve its highest rating. The company excels in diversity and inclusion, and 70% of its management team in Vietnam are women.

“If we do the right thing and carry out our responsibilities in an ethical manner, people will notice and appreciate that our social strategy is in line with our corporate strategy,” Mautone said.

“We manage several projects. We nurture talents to help them define a career path they desire, including the Make It Bright program — a global student challenge which aims to create a dynamic platform for bright minds to shine,” added Tran Thi Thu Ha, JTI’s people & culture director.

Making a difference

The company is among the first in Vietnam to achieve net-zero carbon emissions.

By partnering with Habitat for Humanity, JTI Vietnam has also developed a pilot housing project for people with disabilities in rural areas.

Our activities in Vietnam reflect the fact that we believe in the country’s long-term development and sustainable economic growth.

Corrado Mautone, Genera Manager of Japan Tobacco International in Vietnam (JTI Vietnam)

“We actively engage our employees and advocate social and environmental sustainability across our entire value chain,” said Nguyen Cong Minh Bao, JTI’s corporate affairs and communications director.

“Our activities in Vietnam reflect the fact that we believe in the country’s long-term development and sustainable economic growth,” concluded Mautone.


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