PT Dan Liris: A compassionate approach toward employees leads to manufacturing success

Indonesian textile and garment manufacturer Dan Liris considers employee well-being and the delivery of quality products to customers as equally important.

One of my passions is to develop a dynamic relationship with our employees. We value our people more than anything and we want them to enjoy a higher quality of life,” said Michelle Tjokrosaputro, president of PT. Dan Liris.

“We cannot exist or prosper without the people we work with. Our workforce provides for their families and they support one another physically and mentally.” With corporate social responsibility (CSR) at the heart of the company’s operations, Dan Liris has implemented several initiatives. These inspire employees and have enabled the company to maximize productivity through increased employee engagement.

CSR initiatives include the construction of employee and community homes, machinery donated to schools and colleges, scholarships for students and offering financial support for the development and upkeep of religious buildings.

“Our CSR work is an integral part of Dan Liris. Our factory cannot exist without the support of the local community and we in turn recognize the importance of giving back,” shared Tjokrosaputro.

In 2020, the Dan Liris group also launched its new mission statement:

“To be a sustainable Dan Liris: economically, environmentally and socially.”

“In order to sustainably carry out our mission, we started utilizing various wastes, such as cotton, steel wire and patchwork fabric, among other kinds, to be used as the basis for producing different handicrafts for export. We also work with Lurik craftsmen through PT. Efrata Retailindo, processing waste cotton and weaving it into striped fabric so that it can be used for creating stylish clothing,” said Tjokrosaputro.

As head of the company, Tjokrosaputro has always been a passionate CSR innovator. Today, she hopes to inspire the next generation. “While l have received many awards relating to the company’s CSR work, the ‘Top Leader for Corporate Social Responsibility’ that was presented to me earlier this year had the most impact on me. I want to be involved in this aspect of our work because when I see people bettering their lives, it brings me happiness,” she said.

This year, Dan Liris is bringing its retail brand Bateeq to Osaka, Japan. The brand, which was founded in 2013, offers a fresher and more fashionable take on traditional Indonesian batik. The management, production and sales of this brand all originate from the Efrata factory, which currently has 644 employees and offers various sewing products to the Japanese market.

“As a first step towards global expansion, we will extend our services to the Japanese market from a number of overseas destinations. Since the Batik-Java sarasa pattern and the Japanese kimono pattern share striking similarities, we are confident that the Bateeq brand will be a big hit with our Japanese consumers,” stated Tjokrosaputro.

Dan Liris has enjoyed close ties to Japan since 1974 when the company was founded. Today 25 percent of the company’s total exported products are sold in the Japanese market and Japan continues to play an important role in the company’s success.

“Our Japanese partners and clients are very loyal. We have a strong relationship and continue to receive their support,” said Tjokrosaputro.

“We are indebted to our Japanese friends; with their guidance we have improved and grown our business over the years. Today our relationship is based on trust and loyalty and working with our Japanese friends continues to be a most pleasurable experience.”

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