Honda Suisse: Driving success through people and passion

“The spirit of Honda is strong in Switzerland,” said Jean-Christophe Muller, president of Honda Suisse. “Our business is based on people with passion and our company is alive with associates who are driven to succeed.” Muller’s loyal team is responsible for car, motorcycle and power equipment sales in Switzerland; a unique market for Honda.

Switzerland has three official languages, distinct regional differences and geographical constraints. Despite these challenges, Switzerland is an important market for Honda and customer-expectations are high.

The Honda Jazz is the company’s top-selling vehicle, but the Honda CR-V follows it closely, because the 4X4 SUV segment accounts for 50 percent of the Swiss market. Swiss drivers appreciate high-powered, high-performance vehicles and despite the Swiss market being approximately one-tenth the size of the German market, Honda Suisse sells approximately the same number of Type R vehicles as Honda Germany.

Honda’s role as an innovator in the electrification of vehicles is well-suited to Switzerland’s green-movement; the country was the first in Europe to introduce Honda’s catalytic-convertor technology.

Two-thirds of Honda’s global vehicle product-range is to be electrified (hybrid, electric) by 2030. In Europe, that same target is expected to be reached by 2025.

“Vehicle-electrification will be an important corner for us to navigate in the coming years,” said Muller. “We recognize we have a social responsibility while also growing our business through our partners, dealers and customers.”

From development, production and delivery, Honda is driven to provide products that are both appreciated and enjoyed by customers.

Switzerland is an important market for Honda and customer-expectations are high.

“Honda’s product range is well-suited to the Swiss market,” concluded Muller. “This year will see the launch the CR-V Hybrid at the Geneva Motor Show and the introduction of a fully electric vehicle. Our excellent dealers and service teams will continue to drive Honda Suisse forward.”

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