From scratch to perfection: Mayekawa’s cold storage solutions

Indonesia’s food and beverage sector is among the country’s most rapidly growing sectors at both local and international levels. With more initiatives devoted to technological innovation, Indonesia is not far from becoming a country with one of the largest economies in the world.

With this vision in mind, PT. Mayekawa Indonesia is exerting all its efforts into developing the country’s food industry as it celebrates its 35th anniversary.

“Many parts of the countryside in Indonesia do not have access to proper cold storage to maintain perishable food’s longevity,” said Yuki Okishio, president director of Mayekawa Indonesia.

“We are working to service the needs of these communities by providing high quality and reliable storage solutions and we hope to be able to collaborate closely with local government organizations in the future.”

Because of its desire to provide the latest in sustainable technology solutions, Mayekawa Indonesia was eventually able to find a solution to improve Indonesia’s access to proper and reliable cold storage, not only in urban areas but in rural areas as well.

Indonesia is currently working with the Japanese government to realize a Joint Crediting Mechanism, a system in which nations cooperate to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“We deliver hydrofluorocarbon-free and sustainable product options at reasonable prices to customers. We also introduced the Legdas automated chicken deboning machine to the market in 2020. This allows for rapid and more hygienic separation and reduces the need for manual labor,” said Okishio.

As Mayekawa works further on helping to grow Indonesia’s economy, the company is seeing huge potential in the country’s marine industry.

“Indonesia has one of the most biologically diverse marine waters on earth, as well as large oil and gas reserves. These are key factors for serving Japan’s needs for both natural gas and seafood.”

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