Integrity, trust and outstanding ideas

Suryacipta president director, Johannes Suriadjaja on the company’s commitment to the Indonesian economy.

Bridges: Suryacipta has a reputation for delivering world-class projects. What is the secret to your success?

Suriadjaja: We believe integrity, trust and outstanding ideas are the utmost capital to develop our world-class project. For more than 32 years of managing the Suryacipta City of Industry, an industrial estate in Karawang, West Java, PT Suryacipta Swadaya (Suryacipta) engages its core values of Trustworthiness, Strive for Excellence, and Customer Focus in our operations.

By having an honorable business, consistently practicing integrity and trust, success proceeds. We believe the secret lies in believing in our people as a significant asset to the company and their engagement in all our projects is crucial for the company’s achievement.

Suryacipta had always strived to meet the needs and desires that exceed investors’ expectations, seeking innovation, leveraging on technology, as well as implementing continuous improvement in all aspects. Those set of behavior is a clear embodiment of the company’s vision “Building a Better Indonesia” which is completely absorbed and employed by all of our team throughout the company.

In 2020, Suryacipta inaugurates its ambitious venture as it began pioneering an integrated smart and sustainable township development in Subang, West Java namely Subang Smartpolitan.

For more than 32 years, Suryacipta has managed the Suryacipta City of Industry in Karawang, West Java province. The 1,400-hectare industrial estate has successfully attracted over 150 manufacturing tenants, employing more than 34,000 people.

Johannes Suriadjaja, President Director of Suryacipta

Once again, we are proud to share that our team’s effort had recently resulted in Suryacipta City of Industry and Subang Smartpolitan being designated as part of the top investment priority projects offered by the Indonesian Ministry of Industry.

Investing in Indonesia is becoming increasingly attractive. How are you contributing to clients’ businesses and to the Indonesian?

Evidently, Indonesia becomes an attractive destination for investment due to the vast market, an abundance of raw materials, and a qualified workforce. The country has also shown resilience throughout various crises, including the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our first project, Suryacipta City of Industry in Karawang, is 1,400 hectares of an industrial estate that has successfully attracted and become a home for over 150 manufacturing tenants absorbing more than 34 thousand labor force.

In late 2020, at the height of the pandemic, we remained committed to our vision and inaugurated our newest ambitious venture, a pioneering 2,717 hectares of integrated smart and sustainable township development in Subang, West Java namely Subang Smartpolitan. The neighboring Patimban Seaport, set to become the largest in Indonesia,  was also launched later in the same year and we are more than happy to see our endeavor is in tandem with the government.

We believe Subang Smartpolitan shall deliver a promising new investment destination for our existing and upcoming clients alike. Not only the project is surrounded by national strategic infrastructures, but it is also equipped with IoT-based facilities, state-of-the-art infrastructures and our well-known prominent services.

We trust that such a project launch, especially during a turbulent time, shall trigger positive signs, inspire, and engender momentum for investors that will further contribute to the nation in terms of attracting direct investment and job creation.

On a separate scale, we carried out our responsibility to directly aid the green economy. Suryacipta City of Industry is leading by example in renewable energy for clients to follow, with our environmentally-friendly wastewater treatment plant, financially-feasible solar panel roof, and more. All of those attempts are aimed to further preserve the environmental functions while at the same time providing welfare to the community.

The company continuously learns and develops new approaches to support the above. We understand that not all improvements were applicable in our first project due to technical limitations when it was launched back in the 1990’s. With the technological advancement nowadays, we have certainly prepared Subang Smartpolitan to be able to deliver more for our clients, environment, and society.

How close are the Japanese and Indonesian business communities and what can be done to strengthen this important partnership?

Since Japan and Indonesia established their bilateral relations in 1958 (64 years), much has been achieved. These include building trust, gaining investment, and growing a spirit of partnership beyond economic and political ties. Throughout the years, both countries have strengthened ties beyond economic reasons; achieving friendship and mutual social responsibility.

Suryacipta has long started their cooperation with Japan, considering that over 50 percent of all tenants in Suryacipta City of Industry are Japanese companies. In fact, the Japanese investment in Suryacipta absorbed approximately 53 percent of the total workers in the estate. Suryacipta also conducts formal and informal forums with Japanese tenants to discuss investment trends and maintain relationships.

For decades, Japan was always one of the top foreign direct investment (FDI) origins to Indonesia, whereas their investments are mainly concentrated in West Java. Today, there are over 4.4 thousand investment projects established across a range of industries. Indonesia is also a vital supplier of natural resources to Japan. Both countries are members of the G20 and APEC, thus a healthy trade is well-maintained.

Indonesia has also established various collaborations with Japan in the infrastructure sectors. Recent notable cooperation projects include Patimban Seaport – which directly connected to Subang Smartpolitan. Thus, Subang Smartpolitan may attract more Japanese investors and increase bilateral relationships.

Subang Smartpolitan had received several inquiries from Japanese companies that had shown interest in locating its business in our integrated industrial township development.

In the near future, we are expecting an infinite relationship with Japan, as well as contributing more to national economic development aspects to create a positive impact for the nation and generate viability for society.

At 2,717 hectares, the Subang Smartpolitan township development is situated close to Patimban Seaport, which is set to become the largest port in Indonesia.

What plans do you have for 2022/2023?

Today, our focus is on the development of Subang Smartpolitan, an integrated industrial township (2,717 Ha). We are continuously learning to understand the needs of future investments. We perfectly understand that sophisticated infrastructure and technology have become a major consideration for the manufacturing industry nowadays.

Our new project is located in the new corridor of economic expansion in Subang, West Java. It is equipped with IoT-based infrastructure facilities, surrounded by an amply qualified workforce, and has ease of access to the vast market. We provide various plots for the manufacturing industry, commercial, and residential areas – which make Subang Smartpolitan a complete ecosystem for work, life, learn, and play. In the years to come, we believe the project is the most ideal investment destination for domestic and foreign investors.

Subang Smartpolitan’s first handover is expected to take place in 2023, signifying that our project is ready for occupancy. We acknowledge this achievement as our manifestation in realizing the company’s vision of “Building a Better Indonesia” by delivering a positive impact for the future generations.

Being the only ASEAN country in the G20, the event will be the showcase for Indonesia to erect as a leading investment destination and cement the country’s position in the global manufacturing supply chain. The nationwide manufacturing industry managed to elevate Indonesia’s economy as the highest in ASEAN. And, with Suryacipta City of Industry and Subang Smartpolitan, our company is ready to cater to the increasing demand as the production base for Southeast Asia.

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