HDPP Attorneys & Consultants: A dynamic and innovative legal powerhouse

HDPP Attorneys & Consultants was formed in 2023 through the strategic consolidation of two esteemed firms, Solis Advisors and Darmawan & Partners.

Both firms brought with them a legacy of unparalleled legal excellence, merging their expertise to form a singular entity dedicated to delivering cutting-edge legal solutions across Indonesia and the broader region.

Comprehensive Legal Expertise

HDPP offers a breadth of legal services encompassing various domains, among others:

  • Corporate Commercial Matters: Advising businesses on mergers, acquisitions, and daily operational legalities.
  • Private Equity and Venture Capital Investment: Guiding investors and startups through the legal complexities of funding and investments.
  • Banking and Finance: Providing expert counsel on financial regulations, financing transactions, and compliance.
  • Employment Law: Ensuring businesses adhere to labor laws and managing employment disputes.
  • Construction Law: Assisting in the legal aspects of construction projects, from securing construction license, contract negotiations to dispute resolution.
  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution: Representing clients in court and through alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

Professional and Result-Oriented Approach

HDPP’s legal team is a confluence of skilled professionals led by Managing Partner Andhika Putra and supported by partners Agung Darmawan, Jimmy Hutagalung, and Mario Laurentius Pangestu. 

The firm emphasises delivering reliable and effective legal solutions tailored to client needs, underscoring their commitment to providing comprehensive legal services.

Andhika Putra: Known for his expertise in construction law, Andhika previously served as the head representative of a global construction group’s Indonesian subsidiary. He has a profound understanding of the legal landscape in construction, making him a valuable asset as more international construction companies venture into Indonesia.

Agung Darmawan: Agung specializes in banking and finance, mergers and acquisitions as well as private equity and venture capital investments. His profound industry knowledge which originates from both active clients’ representations as well as his secondment experience as an in-house counsel at Bank of America Merril Lynch set him apart, offering clients unparalleled insight and expertise. His most recent representations include advising Bangkok Bank PCL on a USD 265 million debt restructuring of PT Narendra Interpacific Indonesia which owns and operates hotel, golf course and club house business over 100.4 hectares tourism land area in Nusa Dua, Bali as well as advising Rieckermann Group, a leading Germany machinery & industrial solution provider, on acquiring stakes and entering into a shareholders arrangement in a gas processing company, namely PT Sumber Aneka Gas, which is an affiliate of Tokyo Gas.

Jimmy Hutagalung and Mario Laurentius Pangestu: Both partners bring extensive experience in insolvency and restructuring, being registered administrators and receivers in Indonesia. Their combined prowess in both litigation and non-litigation matters strengthens HDPP’s full-service capabilities.

Staying Ahead of Industry Trends

HDPP’s commitment to staying ahead of industry trends and being well-informed about the latest government policies ensures that the firm serves its clients with the utmost competence. The firm’s ethos is built upon three core principles:

Professionalism: Upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct, integrity, and competence in all engagements.

Commitment: Demonstrating unwavering dedication to finding effective legal solutions within required timelines.

Tailored Solutions: Customizing every legal solution to meet the unique circumstances and developments of each client.

Insights from HDPP’s Leaders

Bridges: How has HDPP developed since its establishment?

Andhika Putra: “Forming HDPP in 2023 was a smooth transition, bringing together partners who are not only colleagues but friends. Agung joined us last year, adding significant expertise in banking and finance practice areas. His banking clients now benefit from Mario’s and Jimmy’s insolvency and restructuring skills. We are now a full-service law firm, combining litigation and non-litigation expertise to better serve our clients.”

Bridges: How are you positioning HDPP within the competitive Indonesian and regional legal services sector?

Andhika Putra: “We have extensive experience collaborating with international firms from China, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore. With the increase in cross-border transactions, we are expanding our practice areas and broadening our service offerings.”

Agung Darmawan: “Specializing in banking and finance, we are now perfectly positioned to offer comprehensive legal solutions to our clients, both domestically and internationally.”

Specializing in banking and finance, we are now perfectly positioned to offer comprehensive legal solutions to our clients, both domestically and internationally.

Agung Darmawan, Partner at HDPP

Jimmy Hutagalung: “We aim to build on our reputation as a dynamic firm committed to client-first solutions.”

Mario Laurentius Pangestu: “We are engaging with dynamic markets in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore, playing a key role in facilitating business across the region. For example, one of my clients is a conglomerate based in Philippines but he has a running business in Indonesia. We have been actively helping him in tailoring his business’ legal needs whether litigous and non-litigous matters.”

Bridges: How would you describe the importance of client relationships in terms of trust?

Agung Darmawan: “Trust is everything in our business. Building relationships is key to success, and we thrive on helping clients achieve their targets.”

Mario Laurentius Pangestu: “As Indonesia approaches its centennial in 2045, we are committed to contributing to the country’s economic development. The legal services sector will play a critical role, and we are proud to be trusted partners in this journey.”

Andhika Putra: “In a saturated market, we aim to stand out as the law firm of choice through our unique skills and emphasis on trust.”

In a saturated market, we aim to stand out as the law firm of choice through our unique skills and emphasis on trust.

Andhika Putra, Managing Partner at HDPP

Jimmy Hutagalung: “We are not just representing clients in their legal issues, but we are also educating them. The ‘why’ and the ‘consequences’ if a client chooses certain alternative in navigating their legal issues are important to be thoroughly explained to them.”

Bridges: What does the future hold for the Indonesian economy?

Mario Laurentius Pangestu: “Indonesia is well-positioned to be a key economic driver within the region. The country’s economic strength will be built on solid legal foundations, similar to Singapore.”

Bridges: What is the next step for HDPP?

Agung Darmawan: ” We see growing interest in renewable energy and green technology sectors, particularly in Indonesia, and we are proud to have assisted some clients which operate on such sector, including the development of the first RDF (refuse-derived fuel) facility in West Java by our client, UAC Global PCL, through its joint venture with an Indonesian subsidiary company of Siam Cement Group.”

Andhika Putra: “As Agung said, we may need to consider adding our arsenal of partners with specialized expertise. This is why HDPP has an of-counsel program, where we basically retain specialized legal practitioner (who is interested in working with us) for a certain period of time, and if we are able to work together, we shall welcome him/her as our new partner.”

Mario Laurentius Pangestu: “We will continue to serve clients, create business opportunities, and develop strong partnerships. Our deep understanding of business needs allows us to offer specialized expertise.”

Jimmy Hutagalung: “Our practical approach has proven successful. We focus on understanding client needs and delivering tangible solutions.”

For more information, please visit HDPP’s website or connect on LinkedIn.
You can also reach out via email at: consult@hdpp.consulting

Office Address:
AIA Central, 41st Floor (Zone 2)
Jalan Jend. Sudirman Kav.48A
Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta 12930, Indonesia

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