Green-shipping leader makes waves in a niche market

Intricately connected, the maritime and steel industries drive today’s global economy. Tokyo-based shipping company NS United Kaiun Kaisha (NS United) has become a leader in each industry.

As a group company of Nippon Steel, the largest steel producer in Japan and third largest worldwide, NS United has grown in line with the development of the global steel industry since the 1950s.

NS United is engaged in raw material handling from Brazil and Australia and exports steel products to Asia and North America. What gives the company its uniqueness is its comprehensive capability to transport not only cargo for Nippon Steel but also everything from raw materials and industrial products to feed grains and energy resources for general customers.

“Based on our close ties to Nippon Steel we have established credibility within the market,” says Kazuo Tanimizu, president of NS United. “We have leveraged our expertise to expand our international business and serve some of the world’s largest resources companies, steel producers, and power companies.”

“We categorize ourselves as a niche player within the maritime industry and consolidated our core businesses to focus on stable revenue,” says Tanimizu.

“We prioritized quality-shipping to differentiate ourselves from the competition and we are now at the forefront of the industry’s ‘green’ movement through our environmental compliance.”

Operating about 200 vessels, NS United group’s fleet includes a hybrid vessel for coastal use.

“Our customers are increasingly concerned with environmental corporate governance and we responded to this by positioning ourselves as leaders in ‘green shipping’,” says Tanimizu.

“We are the first company in Japan to operate the hybrid vessel and we are looking into managing even larger hybrid vessels in the future.”

With strong economic growth across Asia and the broader Eurasian region, Tanimizu intends to capitalize on global business opportunities through Singapore.

“Knowledge is accumulated in Singapore and every global shipping and resource company is there,” says Tanimizu.

NS United started its business in Singapore in 1992 and today its subsidiary, NS United Bulk is expanding the business operations backed by its locational advantage.

“It is important for us to remain in Singapore, to gain insights and build relations. From Singapore, we will strive to become one of the world’s ‘greenest’ shipping companies and continue to provide superior quality services to our customers.”

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