Fujifilm South Africa expands health care products and solutions in Africa

Celebrating 85 years this year, Fujifilm Holdings Corp. is recognized as one of the world’s leading photographic and innovation-driven technology companies.

The company’s main business segments cover imaging solutions, health care, industrial products and document solutions. In recent years the company has increased its ability to deliver solutions to the health care and technology sectors.

Fujifilm South Africa’s Fujifilm Innovation Center Africa in Roodepoort, Johannesburg, has opened its doors to new opportunities, products and services.

The imaging company’s first innovation center on the African continent is designed as a one-stop-shop for Fujifilm’s solutions and will also enhance the company’s existing product offerings.

South Africa is home to one of Fujifilm Holdings’ principal regional offices. Sixty percent of Fujifilm South Africa’s business focuses on medical and graphics products, with consumer products accounting for the other 40 percent.

Last year, the company grew its business by a staggering 20 percent — partly due to health care demand growth in neighboring markets such as Zambia.

According to Takeo Hata, Fujifilm South Africa’s managing director, “Fujifilm Innovation Centre Africa encompasses the company’s ‘Never Stop’ tag-line and global ‘Create Change’ slogan.”

“We have incorporated ‘Create Culture’ into our local slogan as our desire is to shape synergies between our products and solutions and the cultural diversity found across the African continent,” Hata said.

“Through our printing solutions, we are creating new opportunities and encouraging our customers to be inspired by our product innovations and new photograph printing techniques. Fujifilm South Africa’s success is founded on high-quality products, customer support and educational initiatives.”

The company is committed to enhancing peoples’ quality of life in South Africa and across the African continent by delivering medical solutions.

Fujifilm Holdings developed Fuji Computed Radiography (FCR), the first digital radiography system in the world that was released in 1983. Fujifilm has been expanding its success in the diagnostic field, including Xray systems, mammography systems, CT scans, endoscopy solutions and ultrasounds in areas associated with medical information technology solutions.

The company is a pioneer in diagnostic imaging and information systems for health care facilities. Newly launched artificial intelligence solutions will also bring innovation to the medical sector, especially in Africa.

We have incorporated ‘Create Culture’ into our local slogan as our desire is to shape synergies between our products and solutions and the cultural diversity found across the African continent.

Takeo Hata, Managing Director of Fujifilm South Africa

Fujifilm South Africa has been educating people about the importance of early detection to minimize the risk of disease while working together with nongovernmental organizations such as Pink Drive, an educational and fundraising NGO focused on breast cancer awareness and treatment. The program is supported by the Japanese government and Fujifilm South Africa is actively involved.

Fujifilm South Africa will continue to support health initiatives across the African continent while collaborating with the Japanese government and life-saving NGO programs.


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