Fuji Electric Indonesia stays true to its dedication to customers

A profound desire to create quality products and a drive to better serve its customers is what sets Indonesian company Fuji Electric Indonesia apart from other businesses.

While focusing on manufacturing and quality assurance brings success to any business, Fuji Electric Indonesia understands that customers’ needs and satisfaction are also essential for a company’s growth and improvement.

“Through quick response time to customers’ needs, we are facilitating both local growth and our ability to export quality products to the region,” said Isao Takeuchi, president director of Fuji Electric Indonesia.

Along with its steady growth and development, Fuji Electric Indonesia has also expanded its operations and manpower to sustain consumer demand, specifically in the region.

Fuji Electric Indonesia is currently experiencing year-on-year growth of over 120 percent. At this rate, projected growth will continue next year, depending on the impact of COVID-19.

“The growth we are experiencing is a testament to Indonesia’s market potential. This direct increase in sales is only a fraction of the potential that this market holds for us,” said Takeuchi.

Observers see huge potential for the company in coming years, especially because of an improved business plan targeted at the local market.

“Through a better and more localized market understanding, along with the use of increased electrical distribution and control systems for infrastructure, our local engineers are able to effectively determine how to best service our clients and their needs.”

As one of Indonesia’s most trusted companies, Fuji Electric Indonesia recognizes the partnership it has with Japan as vital to the accomplishments it will obtain throughout the years.

“Over the next three years and as the market progressively grows, we will invest in the future of our business in Indonesia by providing Japanese standard quality products and services to current and prospective customers,” Takeuchi concluded.


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