Energy Transition Norway: Pioneering collaborations for a sustainable energy future

Energy Transition Norway (ETN) is unique business cluster in Norway, boasting a diverse array of representatives from across the entire energy value chain.

Comprised of 150 member companies, including suppliers, research institutions, government entities, academia, and major global energy corporations.

ETN’s headquarters are situated in Stavanger, thus fostering a vibrant ecosystem for the energy transition from the Energy Capital of Norway.

Founding and industry support

Founded in the wake of the 2016 oil price crash, ETN garnered immediate support from industry giants Equinor, Total, and Norske Shell.

These companies recognized the necessity for a neutral platform fostering collaborative energy transition projects, aimed at reducing costs, increasing profitability, and mitigating their carbon footprints.

A “columbi-egg” for innovation

Central to ETN’s operations is its Technical Committee, a body comprised of end-users represented by the research and development departments of operating companies on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

These representatives not only participate in project screening, but also possess the means to invest in and initiate projects aligned with their strategic interests.

NORCE Norwegian Research Centre serves as the impartial leader of this committee, ensuring fair evaluation of all proposals against end-user criteria, a process unique within Innovation Norway’s national innovation cluster programs.

A recipe for innovation and collaboration

Operating companies within the committee encourage suppliers to present the challenges they face to the cluster. This fosters innovation beyond conventional solutions.

By leveraging the expertise of 150 industry entities, ETN facilitates the development of more creative, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to industry challenges.

For entrepreneurs, ETN presents a unique opportunity to engage with the entire market in a single setting, offering the chance to pitch technologies directly to the end-users.

To date, 95 such proposals have been submitted from end users and entrepreneurs alike. 12 are initiated as cluster projects, developing solutions within ​hydrogen, offshore wind, wave power, solar power, battery, geothermal energy, CCUS and hybrid combinations of these technologies.

Expanding horizons for Norwegian exports

Norway’s ocean industries hold immense potential in addressing the global climate and energy crisis.

As real success in this endeavour hinges on concerted efforts across regions and sectors, Energy Transition Norway together with two other business clusters has launched a collaborative, national initiative with a clear, market-oriented approach which will be operative from 2025.

Through ‘Blue Quantum Leap,’ a total of 460 member companies will have access to ETN’s Technical Committee and be able to participate in major national innovation projects, growth and internationalization programs, and the development of new value chains.

This initiative will focus on the future energy system at sea initially – offshore wind, CCUS, and hydrogen – as well as on green maritime solutions. Over time, other segments of the ocean industries may also be included.

The goal of this initiative is to catalyse the efforts of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, providing affordable and renewable energy, and increasing exports from mainland industries in Norway.

Co-hosting WECP annual meeting in 2024

As part of our commitment to advancing global energy initiatives, ETN is proud to co-host the annual meeting of the World Energy Cities Partnership (WECP) in 2024. The WECP partnership, encompassing 19 cities worldwide, including Kobe, Japan, shares a common focus on the energy transition and addressing associated challenges.

The second half of August should be of particular interest for Japanese companies interested in Norwegian energy solutions to take the opportunity to visit Stavanger.

Egil Aanestad, Chief Executive Officer of Energy Transition Norway

The annual meeting is scheduled for August 22nd to 24th in the days leading up to ONS 2024 – an iconic gathering for the global energy industry.

“The second half of August should be of particular interest for Japanese companies interested in Norwegian energy solutions to take the opportunity to visit Stavanger,” said ETN CEO, Egil Aanestad.

As part of the WECP program, attendees are invited to explore our newly established Hydrogen Hub which serves as a pivotal test arena, accelerating the development and maturation of hydrogen and CO2 technologies and value chains.

Energy Transition Norway
Richard Johnsens gate 4
4021 Stavanger

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