Encouraging Japanese companies and investors to re-discover the opportunities in Canada

“There has been a recent deepening of relations between Japan and Canada and both countries are entering a new stage in their relationship", said Tatsuya Toyama, president of Toronto Shokokai.

“Canada is rich in information communication technology human resources and research and development, artificial intelligence and the ‘internet of things’ are big business here in Canada. Japanese companies are increasingly interested in partnering with Canadian companies in these areas and Canadian technology start-ups are also interested in entering the Japanese market.”

“There is an increasing number of Japanese companies in Canada. There are approximately 400 Japanese companies with a presence across the country and 250 of these can be found in Ontario. Toronto Shokokai provides our members with networking opportunities, information on trends in the business community and plays an important role in supporting the Japanese school here in Ontario.”

“More Canadian executives are managing Japanese companies in Canada and we expect this trend to continue. Today, Canada and Japan have the potential to be even stronger partners and both sides continue to make every effort to better understand one another.

With the Rugby World Cup taking place in Japan later this year, the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 and the 2025 World Expo taking place in Osaka, all eyes are on Japan at the moment and this is good for tourism, investment and trade. We want to encourage Japanese companies and investors to re-discover the opportunities in Canada as we support Japanese companies and their growth in Canada.”


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