Ecovis APO delivers expert solutions to British and international firms in Japan

The Japanese market offers high-quality services, a loyal customer base and strong local partnerships for foreign companies seeking to do business in the world’s third-largest economy.

For companies active in automotive supply chains, high-value services, electronics, machine tools, shipping and consumer goods, Japan is an attractive, yet often challenging market.

Ecovis APO, an independent outsourcing provider of accounting and payroll solutions, understands that while the Japanese market can be challenging, a strong partner can facilitate a profitable venture.

Ecovis APO’s range of services includes labor-intensive data processing, professional accounting and payroll-processing solutions. By delivering comprehensive bilingual support, the firm has developed an international reputation and today assists hundreds of well-known foreign clients.

“We provide accounting and payroll, tax compliance and consultation, social insurance lodgement and relevant advisory services,” explained Kazuhiko Chiba, president of Ecovis APO and a certified public accountant.

“We work closely with British and European firms doing business in Japan and provide component auditing services for consolidated auditing purposes. We also assist our clients with legal incorporation and corporate secretarial services through our collaboration with trusted law firms.”

We want our clients to be free to focus on their core business as we empower them to successfully grow their presence in Japan.

Kazuhiko Chiba, Certified Public Accountant and President of Ecovis APO

With a mission to provide global expertise with a local approach, Ecovis APO is well-positioned to meet the needs of British and European firms in Japan.

“With Ecovis APO, companies have a home advantage,” Chiba said.

“We deliver comprehensive back-office support in English to ensure robust communication. Our Big Four consultancy and accountancy experience allows us to provide clients with high-quality, value-added and cost-effective professional services.”

Chiba expects to see more companies looking toward Japan.

“We expect to see more active investments from the United Kingdom and European countries,” Chiba noted.

“While technology may lead to solutions designed to remove language barriers, achieving success in Japan can be a challenge due to the unique business culture and corporate practices. Our future lies in our ability to assist our European friends. We want our clients to be free to focus on their core business as we empower them to successfully grow their presence in Japan.”

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