‘Champagne Art de Vivre’

“Excellence has always been the result of a perfect balance between the work of man and nature’s gifts,” Paul-François Vranken, President of Vranken-Pommery Monopole.

As a family-owned group, founded and led by Paul-François Vranken since 1976, Vranken-Pommery Monopole’s corporate values are based on: INNOVATION – KNOW-HOW – AUDACITY – ETHICS and GOVERNANCE.

The group has developed an undeniable ‘œnological’ expertise with passionate teams and state-of-the-art wine-growing and wine-making tools. Douro Superior valley and its stunning landscapes have been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 2001. Today, the company is present in 130 markets and has a portfolio of strong international brands.

“As Europe’s leading champagne maker, simply admiring nature is not an option; we must also work to conserve and enhance it,” said Paul-François Vranken.

“We were one of the first wine-growers to be awarded the Haute Valeur Environnementale (high environmental value) label for our work in Champagne.”

“After recognition of the work done in the Champagne region for receiving the HVE certification, we are now focusing on converting one of the largest viticultural properties in France, the Grands Domaines du Littoral, to organic production so we can keep working with respect for our planet and for future generations.”

As Europe’s leading champagne maker, simply admiring nature is not an option; we must also work to conserve and enhance it.

Paul-François Vranken, President of Vranken-Pommery Monopole

“Our teams continue to work with university researchers and specialist biotechnology companies for even further advances. We are committed to achieving the meaningful changes implied by our time, keeping in our heart the beauty and natural wealth of our vineyards and the willingness to always go further.”

In Japan, the group is gaining recognition as a quality wine supplier.

“Champagne Pommery is a significant example of a brand benefiting of a historical distribution legacy in the market: it was the champagne served at several Japanese Emperor Enthronements since the 1890s, including the most recent one,” said Ken Moroi, Asia-Pacific Export Director and Japan Branch Managing Director at Vranken-Pommery Japan Co., Ltd.

“We have pictures of the current Emperor visiting the Pommery Estate in Reims in 1984, during his visit to France. Brand-building takes time and brands need to ‘settle’ in customers’ minds. Our Japanese clientele is responsive to the brand legacy and history.”

“We introduced the conceptual event ‘Nuit Pommery’ in Japan in 2017. We invite customers to discover our Champagnes Cuvees as if they were visiting the Estate, filled with culture and history. We insist also on ‘Champagne Art de Vivre’ – who else can recommend it better than a sommelier?”

“Since 1993, Champagne Pommery organizes a Sommelier Concours in Japan to support sommeliers by acquiring additional knowledge in Champagne wines as well as awareness of how to enjoy and recommend it. From the first zero-dosage “nature” champagne in history, to seasonal champagnes, ‘quarter bottle’ revolutionary design, Pommery Champagne has lead ‘Champagne Art de Vivre’ since 1836 and will continue to do so.”




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