Canvas & Orchids Retreat – A unique holiday in the lush nature of the Cambodian countryside

Canvas & Orchids Retreat is a unique luxury Cambodian eco-lodge located in the Kingdom of Wonder.

With a collection of floating and on-land tented villas, Canvas & Orchids Retreat provides guests with a once in a lifetime experience in the beauty and splendor of the Cardamom Rainforest in Cambodia.

As a world-first to place luxury tents on floating pontoons, each Canvas & Orchids Retreat tented villa has been designed to provide guests with the highest levels of comfort, quality and luxury.

Much of the furniture has been crafted from durable water-hyacinth plants that grow abundantly in the area and there are private sundecks on each of the floating tent structures. Island Tents are specifically designed for young families to enjoy.

Relaxation, wonder and incredible memories

Guests experience the highest standard of service, care and accommodation on the bank of the Tatai River, surrounded by the magnificent Cardamom Mountains.

The Retreat’s dedicated and professional team welcomes guests and ensures every guest enjoys

Within minutes of arrival, guests feel the calm and tranquility washes over them in addition to the gentle sound of the river and the orchestral soundtrack of birds, insects and monkeys.

At Canvas & Orchids Retreat, guests spend their days relaxing on private sundecks, jumping into the refreshing water, kayaking, venturing into the rainforest for tours and activities and enjoying local and Western-style cuisine.

The chefs at the Canvas & Orchids Restaurant are eager to share local recipes with guests and they take great pride in serving dishes that have been handed down through the generations.

Culture and tradition

Nestled in the Koh Kong region of Cambodia, culture and tradition are very important to Canvas & Orchids Retreat and staff is eager to show guests all that the area has to offer.

From the magnificent waterfalls to the fascinating nature trails, staff is always excited to show guests the animals and plants which many have never seen before. Guests can also taste herbs and spices that they have never even heard of.

Learning about the beautiful country of Cambodia through food and facts is an exciting experience for all guests.

Whether visiting for a romantic break or bringing a group of friends and family for a celebration, Canvas & Orchids Retreat guests can enjoy the peace and quiet of the water, jungle and forest that surrounds the retreat.

Guests can enjoy a trip downstream in a kayak or join a nature trip with an expert guide. For the more adventurous, there are treks through the jungle or up the impressive Phnom Kravanh Mountain.

One of Canvas & Orchids Retreat’s most popular relaxing activities is the sunset cruise; a magical excursion as guests watch the colors of both the sky and the river change before their very eyes as the sun slowly disappears. Fireflies start to appear as the final red glow fades on the water, and their energetic, illuminating dance is truly mesmerizing.

With a collection of floating and on-land tented villas, Canvas & Orchids Retreat provides guests with a once in a lifetime experience in the beauty and splendor of the Cardamom Rainforest in Cambodia.

Rest, relax and immerse yourself in a luxury resort

Canvas & Orchids Retreat embodies calmness, serenity, indulgence and luxury in the lush nature of the Cambodian countryside. Nature surrounds each tent and as guests gaze upon the beauty and splendor of the view from the comfort of their bed, they often never want to leave.

The Cambodian eco-lodge was meticulously built to be as environmentally friendly as possible, whilst providing the highest level of service, ultimate relaxation and attention to detail.

The thirteen Floating and Island Tents are equipped with all guests need to enjoy the backdrop that will enhance every moment of their holiday.

Rest, relax and immerse yourself in a luxury resort that was built with love, dedication and care for the environment.

Sustainable Travel

Working together with neighbors on a number of community and conservation projects and eco-tourism activities, Canvas & Orchids Retreat works hard to protect and conserve this little piece of paradise.

While travel around the world can often have a detrimental effect on many destinations, through hard work, information-sharing and environmental concern, Canvas & Orchids Retreat is committed to caring for the world’s delicate ecosystem.

Canvas & Orchids Retreat guests are well looked after as they enjoy a unique and unforgettable holiday destination in the lush Cambodian jungle. Guests can connect with nature and serenity while enjoying one of the most unique and exclusive adventures of your life.

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