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The 10th annual SME100 awards ceremony in Kuala Lumpur saw MFE Formwork Technology Sdn. Bhd. (MFE) rank in the top 10 of 2018’s fast-moving companies.

In today’s construction industry, speed is of the essence. MFE’s revolutionary aluminium formwork construction system is used to form cast-in-place reinforced concrete structures. The system dramatically increases the speed of construction and MFE is driving innovation within the global construction industry.

MFE was established in Malaysia in 1991 to meet demand for high-quality and cost-effective construction solutions across Asia. Today, MFE aluminium formwork is utilized in high-rise and low-rise mid-luxury developments, as well as social and affordable housing projects. In the commercial space, MFE’s solutions are used in high-rise office buildings, hotels, mixed-use developments and car parks.

The company’s state-of-the- art 100,000-square meter manufacturing facility in Port Klang, Malaysia, has an annual capacity of over 1,500,000 square meters of formwork. The company utilizes the latest production processes including friction stir welding — an advanced, eco-friendly welding system used in the aerospace and automotive industries.

MFE’s team of over 2,500 dedicated employees work in diverse markets around the globe.

“Over the past nine years we have aggressively looked to reduce our dependency on one or two markets, such as India and Malaysia, which at one time accounted for over 90 percent of our business,” said Jim Robinson, MFE’s CEO.

“Today that dependency has been greatly reduced, as we have entered many new markets stretching across the globe from New Zealand to Latin America; to date, we have worked in over 53 countries. We have also focused on developing new products and services, including our recently launched Quick Deck slab formwork system, which has been well received within the industry.”

The MFE system allows high-rise buildings to be constructed at an impressive rate of four to five days per floor and landed properties to be constructed at a rate of one house per day. MFE structures are strong, accurate in dimensions and guarantee high-quality finished concrete surfaces.

One-hundred percent recyclable, the MFE system can be used several hundreds of times on multiple projects. The average weight is only 23 to 25 kg per square meter, so no heavy lifting or cranes are required.

MFE formwork is able to withstand high concrete pressures. Training and coaching by MFE supervisors enable MFE formwork to be assembled with unskilled labor, thus reducing costs. With a highly experienced in-house 3D design software solutions team, MFE is able to design formwork solutions for a range of buildings and applications.

From developing impressive towers to helping communities build low-cost, quality housing, MFE intends to continue to play an innovation-driven role in the global construction industry. In addition to strengthening its presence in Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam, MFE is well-positioned to work with Japanese clients.

“I believe our company values of trust, honesty and loyalty to our clients speak volumes about our business success,” said Robinson. “Our first client in Malaysia some 28 years ago is still our client, and our first client in India, some 17 years ago, is still our client. Over the years we have worked with many Japanese contractors outside Japan, such as Shimizu, whom we have worked with for over 12 years in three different countries. Repeat business from blue-chip companies is a sign of our commitment to provide formwork solutions that best suit the concrete structure and best suit client requirements. Our company slogan is self-explanatory and defines what we want the Japanese construction industry to realize about MFE — ‘No one does it better.’”

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