An esteemed member of the Philippine community

Established in Japan in 1912, Taisho Pharmaceuticals supports and enhances the health of individuals and enables communities to grow.

Jiang Peng, president and general manager of Taisho Pharmaceuticals (Philippines) Inc., is strengthening the company’s commitment to the country.

Bridges: How does the Philippines compare with other markets in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations?

Peng: The Philippines holds immense significance as a rapidly expanding and prominent market within the ASEAN region for Taisho Group. Celebrating its 50th year since pioneering the introduction of energy drinks to the Philippine market in 1973, Taisho Pharmaceuticals Philippines has evolved to cater to a diverse range of consumers and patients by offering a comprehensive portfolio of superior health care products. These range from proprietary medicines such as Tempra and Bonamine, to prescription medications such as Flanax, as well as popular consumer goods like Lipovitan and Vivalyte.

Taisho Pharmaceuticals Philippines remains stead- fast in its commitment to collaborate with the government and local organizations to enhance medicine accessibility and introduce innovative drugs to the Philippines.

Jiang Peng, President and General Manager of Taisho Pharmaceuticals (Philippines) Inc.

What recent successes can you share?

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the world in unimaginable ways and we have worked tirelessly to provide effective treatments to combat the virus. We actively engage with underserved communities to enhance medicine accessibility, forging partnerships with local organizations to foster awareness, facilitate vaccinations and lend support to vaccine outreach programs.

Taisho Pharmaceuticals Philippines has made substantial contributions to COVID-19 relief efforts by donating medicines and supplies and our support has aided front-line workers and benefited communities in need. Together with other health care organizations, we have played a pivotal role in the battle against the pandemic by actively contributing to the welfare and betterment of society. It is through these collaborative endeavors that the company aspires to overcome the current crisis and emerge stronger as an esteemed member of the Philippine community.

What is your vision for the future of Taisho Pharma in the Philippines?

Taisho Pharmaceuticals Philippines remains steadfast in its commitment to collaborate with the government and local organizations to enhance medicine accessibility and introduce innovative drugs to the Philippines. We are set to launch two groundbreaking drugs in the country: Luseco (lueseogliflozin), an “SGLT2 inhibitor” for Type 2 diabetes, and Locoa (esflurbiprofen), a drug renowned for its efficacy in pain relief and combating inflammation caused by osteoarthritis.

We embrace our role as a responsible corporate citizen and pledge to actively engage with the community while prioritizing environmental conservation. We are dedicated to implementing sustainable practices that minimize our ecological footprint, and our initiatives include reducing plastic waste, curbing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting effective waste management. We look forward to actively participating in community development projects by offering support to education, health care and social welfare programs across the Philippines.

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