Aldon Technologies Services Group – Contributing to stronger Japan-Singapore business ties

As a Japan Material Group company, Singapore-based Aldon Technologies Services Group (ATS)is today aleading integrated product and services provider for the electronics manufacturing industry.

Aldon Technologies Services Group offers a wide-range of solutions to meet the needs of wafer-fabrication and electronics-manufacturing customers across the Asian region through two group companies: Aldon Technologies Services Pte Ltd. and ADCT Technologies Pte Ltd.

ATS is a second source supplier for consumables, spares, process kits and chamber parts for electronics, semiconductor and flat panel manufacturers.

The company also specializes in process kits refurbishment and repair services. These include advanced plasma-coating of Y2O3 and Al2O3, Arc Spray, Anodization and Chemical Cleaning. In addition, ATS offers value-added services such as refurbishment, maintenance of robots and other auxiliary equipment and develops and implements “Continuous Improvement Programs” to improve clients’ processing efficiencies.

ATS’s expertise, global reach and position as one of the largest second-source parts providers to wafer fabrication plants in Singapore, attracted Japan Material Group as an investorin 2015.

“ATS’s advanced plasma-coating technology is highly regarded within the semiconductor industry and we have developed a strong client base across Asia and North America,” explains Allen SM Ang, ATSGroup Managing Director.

“Both Japan Material and Aldon share common customers in Japan and a similar business strategy, concept and vision.”

The company aims to become a leading integrated product and services provider offering clients cutting-edge technology, not only in the electronic and wafer-manufacturing industries, but also in the repair and overhaul industries.

“We have successfully developed synergies between our companies over the last three years”, explains Ang. “We have broadened our business scope, strengthened our bottom-line and invested in our research and development capabilities”.

With a 50,000 sq. foot facility in Singapore, associate sales offices in China and Malaysia and business partners in Korea, Taiwan and North America, ATS is embarking on larger projects across the region and contributing to stronger Japan-Singapore business ties.

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