Airweave: Enhancing performance while you sleep

We all need a good night’s sleep. Airweave Inc. is allocating valuable time and resources in researching the most effective way to improve the quality of one’s sleep.

“Sleeping takes up a third of a person’s life. Because of this, one of our goals is to give our clients the best sleep possible by investing in sleep science and research,” said Motokuni Takaoka, Chairman of the Board and President and Chief Executive Officer of Airweave Inc.

Airweave Inc. was chosen to be the official bedding partner for the Olympic and Paralympics Games Tokyo 2020 (postponed) by providing 18,000 beds with their eco-friendly airfiber mattresses to the athletes.

“Our mission is to support every athlete from all over the world that will be competing in the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020,” shared Takaoka.

“We designed the beds to be modular and comprised of three mattresses so that athletes can select their preferred firmness.”

As the company continues to look for better ways to enhance the quality of their products, Airweave Inc. is now using the Bodygram technology to provide each person with a customized airweave mattress based on their body’s needs.

“This state-of-the-art body measurement app records images and helps to provide individuals a customized mattress based on their body type. This AI has been created based on Airweave’s years of sleep study and sets us in the market,” explained Takaoka.

Aside from a more high-tech approach to their products, Airweave Inc. also hopes to further develop their eco-friendly product line and create better products in the future which every person can enjoy.

“It is important to focus on quality and invest in continuous research and development, which is why we exert all our efforts into making clean, eco-friendly airfiber mattresses and products from recyclable materials.”

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