AAGES: The right solutions

AAGES Group conducts its business from Sangeorgiu de Mures in the very heart of Romania.

Founded 31 years ago, today the group boasts a 4,400-square-meter facility and comprises three companies:

  • AAGES is responsible for the development, design, processing and manufacturing of induction heating equipment and systems.
  • Electroterm manufactures filtering chokes and inductors for induction heating applications and products, integrated into AAGES equipment.
  • AAGES HTC is a hardening workshop that uses AAGES-made machines for case hardening. It is responsible for elaborating the hardening processes for new applications.

Induction heating is a process used in modern manufacturing to bond, harden or soften metals with speed, consistency and control.

AAGES S.A. manufactures and distributes machinery for induction heating applications for surface hardening, mass heating for forging, melting, dedicated solutions and equipment such as bimetal strip heaters or strip heaters for bluing.

All projects are started with an understanding of the application specifications to provide customers with the best solutions and equipment.

We listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange four years ago and today AAGES equipment has been delivered to customers in over 25 countries.

Gabor Molnar, Founder and Managing Director of AAGES

Establishing long-term partners has enabled AAGES to achieve success in Romania and internationally.

“We listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange four years ago and today AAGES equipment has been delivered to customers in over 25 countries,” said AAGES founder and Managing Director Gabor Molnar.

“I first visited Japan in 1977 and I appreciate the world-class technical expertise that the Japanese have developed. As a company, we have established ties with Japanese businesses and have delivered equipment to customers in Osaka, Japan.”

Innovation is a vital key to success. AAGES was initially founded by a group of engineers from the Targu Mures branch of the Research and Design Institute for Electrical Engineering Bucharest. Today the company continues to work closely with and innovate with technical research institutions.

AAGES produces a large range of induction heating machines for different applications, and the automotive sector, via the electric car revolution, continues to drive our business. Certified under ISO 9001:2015, AAGES remains committed to delivering efficient, reliable and environment-friendly products.

“As with Japan, we have capable designers and world-class engineers here in Romania,” Molnar said.

“While European customers account for threequarters of our business, we continue to develop strong connections with our Japanese friends and look forward to serving customers across Europe and Asia.”


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