A Warm Welcome to Aurora Village

At Aurora Village, guests can enjoy the glow of the Northern Lights in autumn and winter and the Midnight Sun in summer.

Aurora Village is an atmospheric recreational resort in Ivalo, Finland offering a variety of services in a nature-centric environment and amazing and unique experiences. As a small family-owned business with year-round services based on the Northern Lights and Midnight Sun, Aurora Village guests enjoy nature, environmentally-friendly activities, restaurant services, saunas and amazing accommodation.

Glass roof Aurora Cabins

From the comfort of your own bed, guests can enjoy the Midnight Sun and the Northern Lights. No matter what the season, Aurora Village glass-roof rooms offer an amazing experience. Rooms include a shower and toilet, kettle, Nespresso machine, hair dryer and a small refrigerator.

Sauna Experience

Modern glass-roof saunas bring a new dimension to guests’ sauna experiences. Guests can admire the beautiful nature from each sauna and enjoy the heat of the outdoor Jacuzzi on a scenery terrace. A traditional wood-heated barrel sauna which is floating on a river provides guests with a perfect place to relax in the middle of nature.

Explore a world of winter experiences

Professional Aurora Hunting

As experienced guides, professional Aurora Hunters have interesting stories to tell. Guests can drive to places where the sky is most clear and the probability of seeing the Northern Lights is highest. Guests have full access to all the photographs taken during the trip.

Husky Safaris

Meet the wonderful Alaskan Huskies and enjoy this amazing outdoor activity!sky mushers pick up guests from Aurora Village and take them to a family-owned Husky farm nearby. Guests are given instructions on how to control the sleds which are ridden in pairs (one sitting in the sleigh, the other one ‘mushing’). Hot drinks are served during the trip and guests can swap places before heading back on one of the best ways to exercise and get some fresh air in Lapland.

Snowmobile Adventure

Drive through the arctic winter forests across a frozen river on a cool snowmobile. While admiring the beauty of the Lappish nature, guides lead guests on this amazing trip. (All drivers must hold a valid driver’s licence and be over 18).

Horse sleigh ride

Friendly and beautiful ‘Finnhorse’ arrives to pick guests up from Aurora Village. This blonde-haired and strong working horse takes guests on a calm and relaxing tour through the snowy forests around Aurora Village.

Reindeer Sleigh Ride

Guides take guests on a short walk to the Reindeer Park with reindeer sleigh waiting. This peaceful winter adventure is in a traditional ‘raito’ form with the reindeer walking one after another, each pulling a sleigh. Guests can sit back and enjoy the 800m sleigh ride through the snowy forest.

Aurora Village is an atmospheric recreational resort in Ivalo, Finland offering a variety of services in a nature-centric environment and amazing and unique experiences.

Summer and Autumn Adventures

Discover Finland’s second largest national park

From Aurora Village to Saariselkä, guests can hike up to the fell region of Urho Kekkonen National Park and into the Kiilopää fell. Finland’s second largest national park comprises the fell regions of Saariselkä, as well as the forest regions of the northern sections of the municipalities of Savukoski and Salla. Koilliskaira is one of the last wilderness regions of Western Europe.

Fat Bike Riding

Ride with ease through the forest with electronic-engine assisted bikes ‘Fat Bikes’. Guests can get some fresh air and ride these cool bikes to an open fire with drinks and snacks.

River paddle adventure

Guests can explore the 180 km long River Ivalo on this exciting guided-pack raft tour. Guests paddle approximately 12 kilometres during this half day tour and stop in the middle for a coffee break on land.

Year-round horseback riding

Suitable from beginners to more confident riders. The Finn horses leave from Aurora Village’s own stable so guests have no need to travel anywhere to experience this incredible adventure.

Minimising Aurora Village’s environmental impact with the Green Key Award

Aurora Village truly values looking after the environment, employees and animals while supporting local partners. Aurora Village was the first destination in the Northern Lapland region to receive the Green Key international environmental award in 2020. The Green Key award is for the tourism industry in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation.

By staying in a Green Key establishment, guests can be certain that they are helping to make a difference on an environmental level. The high environmental standards expected of all Green Key establishments are maintained through strict documentation and frequent audits. Aurora Village is determined to keep improving its establishment and follow and improve the Green Key guidelines.

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