Sakata Inx: Providing sustainable solutions for the Indonesian community

Since it first began its operations in the ‘90s, Indonesian company PT. Sakata Inx has committed to deliver, not just top-quality products, but also sustainable solutions to its clients worldwide.

Throughout the years, the company has been able to make significant developments that would help expand its operations and establish a name for itself in different countries around the globe.

“Amid an ever-changing global business environment, we are experiencing consistent growth. Over our 30-year company history, we have increased our factory four times its original size,” said Urip Kurnia, president director of Sakata Inx.

Today, the company is focusing its efforts on reducing the carbon footprint in its operations and creating environmentally friendly products. These environmentally-friendly products are being used for the packaging sector — which is experiencing vast growth in Indonesia.

“The focus now is to reduce volatile organic compounds emissions and to improve sustainable business practices through innovation from our mother company in Japan as we continue expanding our business in Indonesia,” said Kurnia.

“Our factory is in the process of improving automation as we address the environmental concerns of the industry.”

Not only is Sakata Inx focused on providing sustainable product solutions and environmental stewardship, but it is also committed to improving the sustainability of its work practices and supporting the welfare of the community.

“Through careful supplier selection in line with referrals from Japan, we are continually working to improve all aspects of business operations,” shared Kurnia.

“Our support of a local children’s clinic near our factory in Tangerang, West Jakarta, for seven years now is testament to the commitment we have toward the people who support our business. Our business will grow accordingly as infrastructure improves in Indonesia with the assistance of Japanese companies.”

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