PT Mitsubishi Motors drives ambition for Indonesia’s economic growth

The automotive industry plays a great role in Indonesia’s economy. Mitsubishi Motors’ authorized distributor in Indonesia, PT. Mitsubishi Motors Krama Yudha Sales Indonesia (MMKSI), has become a significant contributor to the nation’s growth.

Celebrating 50 years of Mitsubishi vehicle operations in Indonesia, MMKSI is working closely with government ministries to be at the forefront of sustainable change. It is providing ongoing support for the unique digitalization of the nation in relevant sectors.

“With globally increasing importance on sustainability, we are well positioned to further contribute to the digitalization of Indonesia’s economy in the automotive and other sectors,” said Naoya Nakamura, president director of MMKSI.

“Our dream is to become the leader of electric vehicles development here and the support structure needed for (such development) to be affordable and accessible in the market. Collaborating with local governments will ensure this initiative’s success in the long run.”

As a company that is driven to be part of helping Indonesia realize its potential, MMKSI is also working to uphold its responsibilities to Indonesian society by coming up with more environmentally friendly solutions.

To date, MMKSI has made ongoing initiatives to reach out to the country’s citizens by providing disaster relief through partnership with the Red Cross. It also supports children’s needs by offering emotional, financial and educational assistance.

“All kids should have the opportunity to be given enough support in pursuing their dreams. Education and family have always been a cornerstone of Mitsubishi, and we want to continue uplifting the community around us as they are ultimately the ones we rely on for success,” stated Nakamura.

“Indonesia has a young population and we want to play a key role in making quality education readily available to all.”

One of the company’s core activities in turning this vision into a reality includes holding an annual event where staff become an orphans’ parent or guardian for a day.

“We do this so that children who come from broken homes can feel loved and supported, to keep giving them hope for a better life,” added Nakamura.

With a clear plan to help strengthen Indonesia’s economy and expand its operations in the country, Mitsubishi Motors has been increasing exports and production there since building a factory in 2017, specifically for its flagship small Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) Mitsubishi Xpander.

“Indonesia’s market holds huge potential for domestic and export growth thanks to the huge demand for our products in the country,” stated Nakamura.

For Mitsubishi Motors, Indonesia has always presented huge potential in the automotive market and it has ultimately been a major contributor for the company’s growth.

As MMKSI inches toward further growth and development, it is targeting other sectors such as in electric vehicles education, as well as infrastructure digitalization and automation, in which to branch out.

“We are changing the game in this dynamic market. By developing an application to more efficiently serve our customers while investing in other vertical support companies, we have an effective and focused growth strategy for moving forward,” concluded Nakamura.

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