Pioneering sustainable metal-mining in Indonesia

Driven by a young geologist’s quest for discovery, PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) has been a frontrunner in community-uplifting practices and sustainable mining since 1969.

PTFI’s first and sole mine, ‘Grasberg’ in Papua is the second-largest copper mine in the world. The mine also contains large gold and silver reserves, all mined simultaneously.

Strong business interactions with Japan have contributed to PTFI’s success with the company implementing Japanese-driven technologies and quality-control systems.

“Since 1991, Japanese partners and clients have been a cornerstone of our operations,” said chief executive Tony Wenas. “Our recent collaboration with Sumitomo Corporation focused on a new project in Indonesia. Japan is also a key export market for us and our close ties to the country remain a vital aspect of our business.”

Meeting Indonesia’s rural population needs remains a challenge. PTFI contributes to several corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects focused on scholarship programs, gender equality initiatives, basic and higher education classes and health care. In addition, PTFI’s business model is focused on sustainable practices.

“We want to grow our business and simultaneously work closely with the communities and people located near our operations,” said Wenas. “At our mine in Papua, forty percent of employees are native Papuan and we are constantly hiring more local people. To succeed in the long-term, we need to contribute to the community. One percent of our revenue is reinvested back into CSR activities and community programs.”

“Since our inception the need for innovation and sustainable growth has been fundamental to our success and will continue to impact our growth. Our focus now is to continue expanding our upstream and downstream operations. We are looking forward to beginning construction our new copper-smelting plant in East Java later in 2020.”

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